Audio Fiction Sunday 21st May 2023

Personal Highlights

Moonbase Theta, Out: S4 Episode 14 – Never Stopped Saying I’m Sorry
(Note: I play Reception Bot in Moonbase Theta, Out and the Random Voice in this episode) Much like the coffee cup he smashes in one scene, the Enclave Officer is seeing the empire he so meticulously built come crashing down around him. He has been key to some of the darker secrets of the moonbases – secrets that we’ve had to piece together over the course of the story – which have been increasingly coming to light this season, following the new perspectives provided by the All Your Base miniseries. The new characters introduced in that miniseries have been crucial to the progression of the story, their time at their respective bases provides key new information about the Enclave Officer’s plans that were unknown to most of the residents of Base Theta (much like Roger’s trip to base Delta was only a glimpse of, way back in season one); and journalist Barnett Bell’s continuing presence in this season consolidates and expands on the information she discovered during her time on the moon, especially now as she is able to speak without the Consortium’s censorship. As we approach the last quarter of this final season, the tide has most definitely turned, with another one of his main pawns going rogue, in a very satisfying conversation with Maria L’Anglois.

The Last Echoes: S1E2 – I Still Look Just Like Me
The Last Echoes brings another poignant representation of a lost planet in this fictional universe. It’s the tragic cost of following your dreams, and wanting to create a better life for yourself, that we only truly appreciate as the episode comes to a close. One person symbolises an entire planet and its people, its history and culture, and the record that they made ensures that the planet of Vadd will never be truly lost. There are also some very interesting details which give us more insight into this universe and its conflicts, and humanity’s search for a forever-home.

Lost Terminal: 12.3 – No-one has the answers
What really stands out for me in this season of Lost Terminal so far is the big satellite-shaped elephant in the room. There were more nods to Seth’s past in the previous episode, but in this one, he seems to be moving even further away from the events that he was made to re-live. He’s throwing himself into work, while also trying to make sense of a question that he will never find a definitive answer for – what makes someone human? He isn’t giving himself time to think about anything other than the present, and while there’s certainly enough to do on-board, he seems to be creating distractions and puzzles to keep himself occupied. A focus on Kamil in this episode builds up to a scene of conflict, a somewhat fragile sense of security broken, and another glimpse into Maddy’s frightening capabilities.

Back Again, Back Again: S2 Episode 14 – A Ruined Palace for a Ruined King, Part 2
In just over a month, everything has changed for Ilyaas. Familiar people are not who they once were, familiar places are not what they once were. The cost of the soldier, poet, king prophecy becomes more and more apparent, its power to burn and break and destroy everything it touches. It’s a heartbreaking episode, with a powerful cliffhanger which only emphasises how much Ilyaas has lost during her time in Rhysea up until this point.

Re: Dracula: May 16 – This Man Belongs to Me
This is one heck of a nightmare-inducing episode, as Jonathan Harker makes a mistake that proves to be almost fatal. The vampyresses’ swirling, claustrophobic laughter perfectly sets the scene for Jonathan’s horrifying entry, with a brilliant performance by Ben Galpin. I also wanted to shout out May 19th’s episode Surely in the Toils for an incredibly chilling two minutes, the aftermath of what Jonathan initially thought could be a dream.


Mockery Manor is back for its third season, and there’s been another jump forward in time, this time to 1996. Line dancing is sweeping the country, and JJ and Parker are getting ready to open a new cowboy theme park – right next door to Mockery Manor. The reintroduction of a familiar face emphasises the fact that the past can’t be forgotten, regardless of how hard JJ tries to bury it.

I was very glad to see the return of Georgie Romero Is Done For, with the continuation of its second season after a hiatus. Georgie is an unusual zombie, who acts like a human, but has lost all her memories from when she was alive. The search for her murderer – which has been the focus of the story this season – continues, with the help of her friends. An unsavoury figure doesn’t bring her any closer to the answer, but it provides her with a new perspective on grief, and how it changes people.


The Afflicted team have had to re-launch their season two crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, following issues with the Seed & Spark platform which left supporters unable to donate to their original campaign. They have lost around $6000 in actual and missed donations, and have created a new $1 tier to try to help recover these losses.

Casting Calls

D&D inspired fantasy podcast Inn Between are casting for their fifth season. Paid, deadline 5th of June at 1pm CST.

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