Audio Fiction Sunday 28th November 2021

Personal Highlights Moonbase Theta, Out: All Your Base - Episode 7: Eta. You want moon-based conspiracy theories? This episode has plenty of moon-based conspiracy theories! This week, we meet Barnett Bell - a field journalist who’s been based on the moon, travelling between the bases. Naturally, with someone who isn’t actually working on any of … Continue reading Audio Fiction Sunday 28th November 2021

The Mountain’s Heart (Content warning for: mentions and discussions of serious injury, abelism, death, and difficult/emotionally abusive family relationships). The Mountain’s Heart is one of MJ Bailey’s many brilliant single-narrator podcasts, which ended in August of this year. In this story, Bailey plays Felisa, a disabled college student who visits her family in the Philippines. Her professor … Continue reading The Mountain’s Heart

Alternate Realities – Past and Present

For this week's post, I wanted to look at a few podcasts which are set in alternate realities, in either the past, or alternate versions of our present. ars PARADOXICA Time travel is what creates the alternate realities in ars PARADOXICA, as physicist Dr Sally Grissom from 20[REDACTED] accidentally invents it. After an experiment … Continue reading Alternate Realities – Past and Present