Audio Fiction Sunday 14th May 2023

Personal Highlights

Lost Terminal: 12.2 – We live in a water world
After his return to the past last season, Seth is still trying to make sense of his surroundings back on Earth. What he’s experiencing now, this water world that he lives in, doesn’t match up to what he saw from Station 6 before the collapse of society; and his processing and understanding of this post-apocalyptic world also provides us with some more world-building details, fleshing out what we already know about this futuristic Earth. Even though there is no direct acknowledgment of the experiences Seth had reliving his memories, there are some of the first hints of its effects and the trauma he went through. He is, however, again fixating on the wrong questions, as he again becomes preoccupied with the concept of being human; of what he didn’t learn when he was alone up in space.

Re: Dracula: May 8 – Foul Bauble of Man’s Vanity
I have to admit, I’ve never read Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and even though I was subscribed to the Dracula Daily emails last year, life soon got in the way of my being able to keep up with them. That said, I’m thoroughly enjoying Re: Dracula’s audio adaptation of the text, and there have been some fantastic episodes this week. Foul Bauble of Man’s Vanity is a stand-out episode in a high-quality production, with the performance and sound design of the following two episodes – where we meet both Mina Murray and Lucy Westenra – providing an even starker contrast to the increasingly claustrophobic feel of Jonathan’s journal entry. Castles in the Air and Pray for my Happiness express Mina and Lucy’s joy, and their hopes and dreams for the future, as a nightmare is beginning to unfold for Jonathan – the depths of which he has yet to discover.

Apollyon: Episode 13 – Tension
After an episode marked by Theo’s absence, which established some of the problems this absence created, here we catch up with her directly. This episode provides a deeper exploration of the tensions and conflicts in Theo’s personal life, caused by decisions made in her professional life, with a greater focus on Theo and Gabriel’s friendship in all its complications. There’s a beautiful final scene with Theo and Gabriel’s son, Lincoln, which clearly depicts Theo’s character and morals, as well as also giving us another perspective into the issues caused by her absence.


Afflicted released a trailer this week, to coincide with the launch of the show’s crowdfunding campaign for its second season. Titled The Bell Witch Returns, this upcoming season will be set in 1960s Tennessee, and what local folks think is the return of the Bell Witch after 150 years.


The Amelia Project is back for Part 2 of its fifth season, and we’re taken back to the organisation’s time in 1920s Berlin. The Interviewer and Kozlowski’s memories and stories intermingle, of an opulent time in The Amelia Project’s past, which provides a stark contrast with a client who wants to escape from the Nazis.

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