Seven Ghostly Podcasts for Halloween

Hello folks! I wanted to try something a little different this week. Here are seven fiction podcasts which include ghosts! I wanted to look at the way this staple of the horror genre is treated in audio fiction, and give some recommendations. Middle:Below!5f0bb A horror comedy from Scotland's Tin Can Audio. Our world is … Continue reading Seven Ghostly Podcasts for Halloween

Audio Fiction Sunday 11th October 2020

Personal highlights Shifts, Ocean Spray. There's a complete change of tone. Even when Dahlia didn't know where they were at the beginning, or why they were there, they were still pretty chill about it. Now, the atmosphere and surroundings have completely changed, with a glass sea causing anxiety. Aishi Online, Episode 21 - Allegiance. The … Continue reading Audio Fiction Sunday 11th October 2020

Witchever Path!6f5da Whichever Path is an interactive anthology horror podcast created by Jas and Steven LaFond, and was launched in January 2019. Each story is self-contained, and introduces the audience to a new setting, and new characters. Stories are between four to seven episodes long, with the audience voting each episode on where the storyline will … Continue reading Witchever Path

Audio Fiction Sunday Roundup 4th October 2020

Personal highlights Shifts, Sea Glass. There's an interesting change of location, as Dahlia and Blue have reached the sea, and hear a new voice. The plot thickens even further... We Fix Space Junk, S03E06 - The Phantom Eye. Space Junk goes noir! I loved this episode's different format, and there were even more impressive cameos … Continue reading Audio Fiction Sunday Roundup 4th October 2020