Audio Fiction Sunday 24th January 2021

Personal Highlights Great & Terrible, Blood Lust. Driving is difficult enough, even without all the inner turmoil of dealing with immortality. Linnaeus the absolutely-not-demon also appears, scaring Jane, and causing her to swerve - which she, of course, has to explain to her mum with a lie. There’s also the issue of the detective who’s … Continue reading Audio Fiction Sunday 24th January 2021

Null/Void (CW: Null/Void centres around the malicious mega corporation of Void Networks. Specific content warnings are in the show notes of each episode, and this post includes mentions of death and deadly accidents; in particular a deadly traffic accident, which happens in episode one.) Null/Void is a sci-fi series by Cole Burkhardt, which follows Piper … Continue reading Null/Void

We Know None CW: We Know None deals with the investigation into a missing person. The show notes for each episode contain specific content warnings; and this post includes mentions of paranormal activities - especially hauntings, rotting food, and the police.(Note: I appear briefly in We Know None as Helen, in both episode four and six.) We … Continue reading We Know None