Audio Fiction Sunday Roundup 23rd August

Personal highlights VAST Horizon, Entry 2-07: Ambition. I've really been enjoying how this season of VAST Horizon has been getting progressively more sinister, and this week there was a shocking new threat, completely out of the blue. Relativity, 55. Relativity has not been messing around with what are the last few episodes of the entire … Continue reading Audio Fiction Sunday Roundup 23rd August

Audio Fiction Sunday Roundup 16th August 2020

Personal highlights We Fix Space Junk, S03E02 - A Matter of Gravity. After the tension of the season’s opening episode, the repairmen are back on their Automnicon-mandated missions. This episode also features a couple of great cameos! Relativity, 54. Oof. You know when you listen to something so powerful you just have to sit with … Continue reading Audio Fiction Sunday Roundup 16th August 2020

Diary of a Space Archivist!2de0a Diary of a Space Archivist is a sci-fi comedy podcast written and produced by Beccy Stirrup. She also voices both of the main characters in the show, archivist Samantha Lyons, and her AI, CAL. Sam always dreamed of being in space, of exploring unknown places and discovering new life, but things didn’t exactly work … Continue reading Diary of a Space Archivist

The Subjective Truth!e0b7d The Subjective Truth is the first fiction podcast from Good Pointe, a team consisting of Jeremy and Danyelle Ellett. The fictional true crime podcast delves into the disappearance of podcaster Buddha Kline, set in a reality in the near future. Husband and wife Buddha and Amy Kline start a podcast, called Armchair Treasure Hunter, … Continue reading The Subjective Truth