Episode Focus: The Amelia Project – Percy

https://open.spotify.com/episode/5Q50t7tt6kiqod5zKbq6V6?si=CrfnLl8rTGSq--NudLAqHw One of the texts I studied at university was Luigi Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author. In the absurdist Italian play from the 1920s, six fictional characters interrupt a rehearsal which is being held in a theatre, and explain that they have been abandoned by their author. They are looking for an … Continue reading Episode Focus: The Amelia Project – Percy

Dos: After You

(CW: This podcast and post contain mentions of murder and death. There are also allusions to the Covid-19 pandemic, mostly through mentions of lockdown periods and the subsequent re-openings.) https://open.spotify.com/episode/3LQr6wbkX2LoHRt2KVBw2i?si=4GRovn26THm87IyqfqUbyg Dos: After you is a bilingual LGBTQ+ horror and urban fantasy podcast, and is released in both English and Spanish. It's written and produced by … Continue reading Dos: After You

Audio Fiction Sunday 8th November 2020

Personal highlights Ostium, Episode 56 - After Disaster Broadcast. With The After Disaster Broadcast, very understandably, on hiatus given...well, 2020, it was so great to hear from Jo again. Monica winds up in The After Disaster Broadcast’s post-apocalyptic world through one of Ostium’s doors. There are some interesting reflections after Monica sees that Jo makes … Continue reading Audio Fiction Sunday 8th November 2020

Audio Fiction Sunday 1st November

Personal highlights The Dungeon Economic Model, A Dungeon Economic Model Halloween. As the title of the episode suggests, it's DEC's Halloween episode, and it also features Gil from Middle:Below (another Tin Can Audio show). I loved the background voices, and Gil's reactions! Fireside Folktales, S1E6 - Whispering: Epilogue. There's a ceremony, in which the now … Continue reading Audio Fiction Sunday 1st November