Audio Fiction Sunday 19th December 2021

Personal Highlights

COPPERHEART: GL5119 – The Time To End. (Note: I will be appearing later in this season finale) It’s truly the beginning of the end for GL51, and the residents of the bunker are faced with an impossible choice – making a leap into the unknown and all the dangers that presents, or staying put and facing the end times. The Visitor is nowhere to be seen, but the chaos that she’s caused could hardly be more obvious. There are some heartbreaking moments as characters come to terms with their new existence and surroundings, and the effects their presence has on those that should be close to them. It’s amusing that with, y’know, the whole reality ending thing, that the episode begins with a more comedic scene featuring a rather clumsy Eden. And speaking of Eden, that was definitely a surprise!

SHIFTS: S2 E04 – Sail Away. I had to pause the episode right at that first line so I could laugh! I’ve mentioned before about how I’m enjoying the difference between season one Dahlia and season two Dahlia, and there’s a real sense of vindication in this episode. She’s spitefully cackling and taunting the artificial world around her, on a mission to break it. We’re passing the same checkpoints as in the first season, but the viewpoint is now completely different. The mystery and wonder has gone, and what’s left is determination.

Within the Wires: Season 6, Episode 10 – Samhain. It’s a chilling conclusion to this season of Within the Wires; and given the nature of this particular season, the recording was very fittingly made on Samhain. There are many more questions than answers, which isn’t surprising for this show, but the long-awaited revelations in this episode make us reconsider everything we’ve heard in Cliodhna’s recordings. It’s anything but a neat tidying up of the season’s plot; and as the episode progresses, it becomes more of a commentary on this dystopian society as a whole. We’re left wondering what has really been happening to Cliodhna in the time that we’ve known her, and the unsettling realisation of what the rest of her life may become.

InCo: S3 Episode 21 – Fine. You know the meme of the cartoon dog sitting in a burning house? That’s the level of fine in this episode. Nova is very rightly on the warpath after she discovered that her health android, SAWA, was taken from her room. It’s a tense episode, and even though Nova’s actions might not have been the best idea she’s ever had, she clearly shows how much SAWA and her functions mean to her. As Nova has been trying to find out more about the shady Galactic Union and its relationship with the planet of Eolara, the GU have also been trying to uncover more about her – and going a very wrong way about it. 

Apollyon: S1 Episode 4 – Unfamiliar. What a heart wrenching episode. Theo is not only dealing with her mother’s death and the sense of guilt she feels around it, but she also has to deal with the secrets that her mother had been hiding from her. Through Theo’s conversations with Savreen, we begin to ask more questions about how and why Jamilla was infected with AVS, which led to her death. A strange voicemail at the end of the episode only heightens this mystery – what exactly is Savreen not telling Theo?

Where The Stars Fell: Episode Ten – Happy Birthday Edison. It’s Ed’s birthday, and unsurprisingly for the town of Jerusalem, the surprise party that’s thrown for her doesn’t exactly go to plan. However, the episode does provide some moments to look at the new dynamic between Ed and Lucy, after the big revelations in this season’s opening episode; as well as an opportunity to re-evaluate what we understand about the town itself, through events in one particular location.

Modem Prometheus: 3 – Sleeper Service. The full moon brings another story from the city’s night time. George hasn’t been sleeping for months, and there’s a real sense of a surreal dream-like state of sleep deprivation in this episode’s tale. During one walk through the streets in the dead of night, George discovers something that exists in a place that it shouldn’t, in a place where maps say it doesn’t; but this time it’s a modern object, and not from folktales. Similarly to the show’s first episode, there’s a jarring contrast between the daytime and the night time, and the influence the strange world of the night increasingly has on the normality of the daytime.

Trailers and Prologues

The Secret of St Kilda comes from the team behind the Haggis and Dragons actual play podcast, and I’ve seen a lot of hype about the show on twitter these past few months. A trailer was released this week giving an introduction to the story’s setting – the Scottish island of St Kilda – as well as an intriguing sneak peak of the show’s first scene.


The Oracle of Dusk is back for its fifth season, and Delphi has another new client. It’s a highly emotional episode, which deals with this new client’s grief, after having lost their father. Delphi also lost her dad at a young age, so while she’s very familiar with grief, she’s still aware that she doesn’t know what to say. The episode digs deep into the feeling of loss, and how grief impacts a life many years later.

Casting Calls

Greater Boston is casting for their fourth season. Paid, deadline 15th January 2022.

Supernatural horror Weaver is casting for its second season. Unpaid, deadline 5th January 2022.


The Tell-All Tapes is described as a ‘noir inspired, short form murder mystery story’. The crowdfunding campaign has a little over a week left.

Calliopic Productions sneakily announced that a second season of sci-fi podcast Voidless is in the works, and folks can help fund the season through their Ko-fi.

Sci-fi horror Tartarus released their first four episodes earlier in the year, and are now crowdfunding for the next batch of episodes.

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