Audio Fiction Sunday 12th December 2021

Personal Highlights

Moonbase Theta, Out: All Your Base – Episode 8: Theta. It’s the final episode of this miniseries, and we’re back home on Base Theta. It’s a very interesting insight into the higher-ups and one particular pawn on the base, which fits in nicely with the focus that was on the Consortium on Earth in season three. I also enjoyed seeing a glimpse of life on the base before the beginning of the shutdown, and seeing some characters interacting that we hadn’t seen together before – one pair in particular are especially wonderful.

What Will Be Here: E2 – Roger Roll. There’s some more insight into the dystopian world of this show, through a car ride and an unsettling AI. We get to know this very different group of people a little better, and I really enjoyed the contrast between Jules’ and Armani’s recordings – though I am concerned about how much Jules gave away. The show’s message of defiant hope is underlined by Kei’s words, who is determined to build and create, even when the world is ending. It’s the sense of finding purpose in creating something, even when others in the team also demonstrate how difficult it is to carry out their plan.

Lost Terminal: 6.10 – We have returned. It’s the season finale, and the ship and its crew are back in the Arctic. It’s the end of a journey that has taken two seasons, and there’s a real sense of new beginnings. This is especially true for Arctica, who has chosen a new name, and been given a new home; but Seth also has some completely new surroundings too. It’s also interesting to hear from TASSI again, and I’m curious to see how this AI who’s eager to talk to others will fit into future storylines. Things are far from perfect in this future world, but it’s a heartwarming episode; and I’m excited to see what will happen when season seven starts on the 3rd of January.

InCo: S3 Episode 20 – Lunch. Honestly, it’s no surprise Hatov was found floating in space when his own mother gaslights him like that. We’ve seen how Hatov’s relationships with other members of the royal family have changed since his return, but this is a difficult episode, as his mother tries to manipulate him back onto her side. I appreciated the similarity between Vierai’s term of endearment for her son, and Nova’s nickname for him – both focusing on his eyes, and so tying in with his royal status. It’s something he’s now trying to escape, but the physical reminder of it will always be present. 

Starfall: Act 1 Scene xi. Poke, poke, poke. Oh, this is a very interesting episode, as it turns out the theatre the troupe is due to perform in has a little more character than we were initially made to believe. It’s a fascinating insight into the existence and effect of magic in this universe, way beyond anything we’d previously seen with the troupe’s use of it. This also leads to an opportunity for some intriguing snippets about Leona’s background, which raise even more questions about her past, and her sword. Not even the Narrator can help us out with the answers!


COPPERHEART (Note: I will be appearing later in this season finale) is back, after the pandemic and other issues caused the show to go on hiatus. Jack and Heather make a stop on their way to GL51, giving Jack an opportunity to go through his notes about what’s been going on over in that bunker. It serves as a recap episode before the final three parts, refreshing and consolidating the information both Jack and the audience have been presented with since the beginning of the story, as Jack continues to try and make sense of everything.

Inn Between returned for its fourth season. Following on from the cliffhanger at the end of the previous season, the party receive some assistance from a priest of Pelor; which gives us – and some of the characters – some more insight into the role of faith and religion in this story’s world. There’s also the use of magic, and the big question that surrounds Castor.

Casting Calls

Feminist Fairytales is casting for the second half of their first season. Paid, deadline 13th December.

Other News

I’ve seen a lot of talk about Apollo on Twitter these last few days. Due to launch on the 15th of December, it’s a new app focusing on fiction podcasts – all tagged by genre. I’m very excited to check it out!

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