Audio Fiction Sunday Roundup 16th August 2020

Personal highlights

We Fix Space Junk, S03E02 – A Matter of Gravity. After the tension of the season’s opening episode, the repairmen are back on their Automnicon-mandated missions. This episode also features a couple of great cameos!

Relativity, 54. Oof. You know when you listen to something so powerful you just have to sit with it a bit to absorb what’s happened? Yeah.

Dining in The Void, 1 – Cassie: Family Reunion. Ahead of their second season, DITV are releasing some mini episodes. As with other minisodes, this fills in some backstory and lore from the wider universe – how will this affect season 2?

Voidless, 04 Contact. After the surprise at the end of the previous episode, this gives us some answers, but also creates more questions, as the mystery deepens and the universe expands.

Y2K, Episode 33. (Disclaimer: I play Emma in Y2K.) A particularly hard-hitting episode from a show that doesn’t shy away from tough topics, and a phenomenal performance from Janis Westin in the role of Kat. (CW: domestic violence)

Mockery Manor, 10b – Bonded By Blood (Part Two). The second part of Mockery Manor’s huge season one finale. So many secrets have come out over the course of this first season, leading up to this tense conclusion. But all has not been resolved…


Disenchanted is back after a hiatus, and I cackled at that episode title! Things aren’t letting up for poor Lyra in her absolutely, totally not haunted, house.

New listens

Come On In, The Water’s Fine is a mermaid anthology series by Shade Oyemakinwa. Season one consists of four episodes, a story told in the second-person, of a you who discovers that they have a mermaid’s tail.

Casting calls

Creep, a new podcast from the creator of Disenchanted, is casting.


Witchever Path, an interactive horror anthology, are crowdfunding for their upcoming third season.

Moonbase Theta Out, have a few days left of their crowdfunding campaign for their upcoming third season. They have reached their target, and are now aiming for their stretch goals – the next is $3,000, for artwork of the two doggos that appear in the show.

The Carlötta Beautox Chronicles are also raising funds for their third season, through their Ko-fi.

Unseen, a new show by the creative team behind Wolf 359, launched their crowdfunding this week, and reached their goal in just one day! They’re now trying to reach their stretch goals, with their next one being a short story collection.

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