Diary of a Space Archivist

Diary of a Space Archivist is a sci-fi comedy podcast written and produced by Beccy Stirrup. She also voices both of the main characters in the show, archivist Samantha Lyons, and her AI, CAL.

Sam always dreamed of being in space, of exploring unknown places and discovering new life, but things didn’t exactly work out that way for her. Yes, she got to go to space, but it’s not quite as…exciting as she’d imagined. She has the job of archiving space, the new sectors that the main ship, the Discoverer, travels to. And she’s not aboard the big shiny Discoverer either, no, she’s alone in a little old ship of her own, with only an old AI called CAL for company. And when we meet her in episode 1, CAL’s not doing great either. It hasn’t been working for 10 days, after bearing the brunt of a debris field that the ship went through. That also means that Sam has been alone for 10 days, with nobody else to talk to – this is when her bosses tell her to start recording an audio diary.

Episode one ends with a strange chirping-like sound, and it’s here that the trouble really starts. It turns out that Sam and CAL have company. A little bat-like alien has got aboard the ship. An alien they can’t let anyone find out about, especially not the corps Sam works for. While desperately trying to hide this secret, Sam has to also try to get everyone to play nicely with each other, and to stop her new friend from eating all her Curly Wurlies!

One of my favourite episodes in the show is actually a bonus flashback episode, The Origins of CAL, which was released just before the launch of season 2.  CAL’s background is shrouded in mystery, and this episode goes all the way back to CAL’s beginnings, and explains how it ended up on a ‘rust bucket’ of a spaceship, with only one human aboard. But there are more details still to be uncovered – CAL has redacted memories. What has it seen?

Diary of a Space Archivist is currently on season 2, and with episodes in season one between 5-8 minutes long, it’s easy to get caught up on this delightful show! Make sure you stock up on some Curly Wurlies to enjoy while you listen to it!

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