Upcoming 2023 Fiction Podcast Debuts

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A Queen City Flash Production out of Cincinnati, OH / Written by Trey Tatum / Directed by Bridget Leak / Starring Jordan Trovillion and Trey Tatum


Nolan Blackwell is a fourteen year old teen detective who, along with her dog Casper, attempts to solve the supernatural happenings plaguing the struggling town of Mars Majestic against a backdrop of the opioid epidemic.
A love letter to the teen detective genre, a fucked-up Nancy Drew, Zoinks! asks the question every kid wonders while watching Scooby-Doo:
Abandoned carnivals, derelict mansions, ghostly lights and sounds… what is so fucked up at home that you’d rather be here?
Zoinks! A podcast for Teen Detectives and their Dogs

Release date: February
Website: queencityflash.com
Twitter: @queencityflash

Zoinks! comes from the same team behind “Have Monster, Will Travel”, which will also be returning this year after a prolonged hiatus.

Black Box
The Haunt Collaboration


The Homing Box of U.N.S.E.A. exploratory vessel Bly has returned to Earth after twenty-four years of silence. An investigation is now underway to discover what happened to the ship and her crew. The last thing we heard from them was that everything was okay…

Release date: March
Twitter: @blackboxscifi
Tumblr: @blackboxpodcast

Liars & Leeches
Hemlock Creek Productions

Supernatural horror

Taken from the podcast’s website: “Grief. Anxiety. Terror. Tonya Wright felt it all after the tragic murders of her sister and brother-in-law in a random act of gun violence. Struggling to travel outside of her home, she now lives constantly on edge about perceived threats that seem to surround her.
Retreating to the house her sister and brother-in-law once shared to process her grief, Tonya soon discovers that someone — or something — has followed her there. With the help of her best friend Natalie, and others she meets along the way, can Tonya overcome her fears before they completely consume her?”

Release date: March 2023
Website: Liars & Leeches
Twitter: @LiarsandLeeches

Re: Dracula
Executive produced by Tal Minear, Hannah Wright, and Stephen Indrisano

A chronological “bite-sized” audio adaptation of the classic Dracula novel.

Release date: 3rd of May
Website: https://redracula.live/ 
Twitter: @redraculapod
Tumblr: @re-dracula

Mort Safe
Oran Talbot and Sam Drake

Historical drama.

Mort Safe follows Cillian Hayes, an ambitious medical student with lofty expectations, Adelaide Farris, a young woman finding herself at the helm of her deceased father’s candle making business, and Jules Green, the unfortunate soul who seems to have found themself at the wrong end of the gravedigger’s shovel, in 1829 Edinburgh.

Release date: Summer 2023
Twitter: @mortsafepod
Tumblr: @mortsafepod

Before the Tone
Knave of Hearts

Science fiction horror.

From the podcast’s description: “We follow Mack, a woman who has just gotten a job as a CCTV operator at the increasingly-suspicious Atlas Consulting. It takes the format of voicemails from Mack to her sister, Daria, who never seems to answer her calls. The horror tends towards the psychological as Mack is stalked and reality becomes a little less solid where Atlas is concerned. The science fiction is focused on time and how its fabric can be manipulated.”

Provisional release of autumn/early winter
Twitter: @KnaveOfHeartsAD
Tumblr: @knaveofheartsad 

A trailer is currently available.

Ethics Town Radio
Written and produced by CL Hendry

Cosmic horror.

From the podcast’s website: “Ethics Town is a cosmic horror podcast filled with ethical quandaries, political malpractice, deceit, and misdirection. There aren’t that many top hats, but there are some, we promise! Using an emergency broadcast system he stumbled across, January Johnson, accompanied by his uninvited guest, reports on the misdeeds of his town’s new mayor.”

Launching in 2023
Website: https://ethicstown.carrd.co/
Twitter: @EthicsTownPod
Tumblr: @ethicstownpod