Audio Fiction Sunday 3rd April 2022

Personal Highlights 2298: S2 E17 - Two-Factor Authentication. Profile 13’s recent discoveries have led up to this, a decision about their entire existence. After what we’ve learned about them and the other profiles, this episode looks at their humanity and personhood, and questions their entire reality within The Network. Their sense of panic heightens as … Continue reading Audio Fiction Sunday 3rd April 2022

Audio Fiction Sunday 26th December 2021

Personal Highlights COPPERHEART: GL5120 - Goodbye. (Note: I play the Visitor in the Copperheart season one finale) The end of existence for the residents of GL51 is coming ever closer, and the evacuation process begins. There's an emphasis on different groups of civilians, and how different characters are dealing - or not dealing - with … Continue reading Audio Fiction Sunday 26th December 2021

November Audio Fiction Milestones

Happy December! Here are some audio fiction milestones from November, including debuts, new seasons, season finales, and special episodes. Debuts Wolfwhistle Wolfwhistle is a radio show which broadcasts on 104 WPR Metro from New York City, in 1934. Unlike the other programmes broadcast by the station, Wolfwhistle is a talk show, which invites prominent members … Continue reading November Audio Fiction Milestones