Second Star to the Left (Note: this post contains spoilers for the finale of Second Star to the Left. This post deals with isolation, romantic relationships, and the pandemic.) Envisioning new futures is a big theme in indie audio fiction; and especially more recently, more shows have appeared which imagine a future after humans have left Earth. Second Star … Continue reading Second Star to the Left

The After Disaster Broadcast

(CW: The After Disaster Broadcast is set in the US following a supervolcano eruption. Episode show notes contain content warnings; and this post contains discussions about the aftermath of the volcanic eruption and life in a post-apocalyptic world throughout, as well as discussion about menstruation in paragraph six.) The After Disaster Broadcast is a post-apocalyptic … Continue reading The After Disaster Broadcast

Catching Up On: The End of Time and Other Bothers This is another feature I wanted to try out, in which I talk about a show that I've been catching up on recently. This is actually going to be the first time I’ve featured an actual play podcast on my blog, and I wanted to preface this post with some background information to give … Continue reading Catching Up On: The End of Time and Other Bothers