We Know None

https://open.spotify.com/episode/0LHfkAbHnYPrc5Ig0bvT9D?si=d7tk6inpTValw4NZLn69TA CW: We Know None deals with the investigation into a missing person. The show notes for each episode contain specific content warnings; and this post includes mentions of paranormal activities - especially hauntings, rotting food, and the police.(Note: I appear briefly in We Know None as Helen, in both episode four and six.) We … Continue reading We Know None

Diary of a Space Archivist

https://radiopublic.com/diary-of-a-space-archivist-WwnKX5/s1!2de0a Diary of a Space Archivist is a sci-fi comedy podcast written and produced by Beccy Stirrup. She also voices both of the main characters in the show, archivist Samantha Lyons, and her AI, CAL. Sam always dreamed of being in space, of exploring unknown places and discovering new life, but things didn’t exactly work … Continue reading Diary of a Space Archivist