We Know None

https://open.spotify.com/episode/0LHfkAbHnYPrc5Ig0bvT9D?si=d7tk6inpTValw4NZLn69TA CW: We Know None deals with the investigation into a missing person. The show notes for each episode contain specific content warnings; and this post includes mentions of paranormal activities - especially hauntings, rotting food, and the police.(Note: I appear briefly in We Know None as Helen, in both episode four and six.) We … Continue reading We Know None

The Subjective Truth

https://radiopublic.com/the-subjective-truth-WkXOMX/s1!e0b7d The Subjective Truth is the first fiction podcast from Good Pointe, a team consisting of Jeremy and Danyelle Ellett. The fictional true crime podcast delves into the disappearance of podcaster Buddha Kline, set in a reality in the near future. Husband and wife Buddha and Amy Kline start a podcast, called Armchair Treasure Hunter, … Continue reading The Subjective Truth