20 Fiction Podcasts for Pride Month – Part Two

Here's part two of my list of some of my favourite fiction podcasts with LGBTQIA+ representation for Pride Month. I posted part one last week here. The After Disaster Broadcast https://open.spotify.com/episode/5W0kKL8zk7sZITLAfPe2sv?si=CfA8q7ErQYKwapRI5-npKA&dl_branch=1 Jo Prendergast is a disaster bi in every way. The After Disaster Broadcast is primarily told through Jo's ham radio broadcasts, as she tries … Continue reading 20 Fiction Podcasts for Pride Month – Part Two

We Know None

https://open.spotify.com/episode/0LHfkAbHnYPrc5Ig0bvT9D?si=d7tk6inpTValw4NZLn69TA CW: We Know None deals with the investigation into a missing person. The show notes for each episode contain specific content warnings; and this post includes mentions of paranormal activities - especially hauntings, rotting food, and the police.(Note: I appear briefly in We Know None as Helen, in both episode four and six.) We … Continue reading We Know None

Dos: After You

(CW: This podcast and post contain mentions of murder and death. There are also allusions to the Covid-19 pandemic, mostly through mentions of lockdown periods and the subsequent re-openings.) https://open.spotify.com/episode/3LQr6wbkX2LoHRt2KVBw2i?si=4GRovn26THm87IyqfqUbyg Dos: After you is a bilingual LGBTQ+ horror and urban fantasy podcast, and is released in both English and Spanish. It's written and produced by … Continue reading Dos: After You