Audio Fiction Sunday 12th February 2023

Personal Highlights

Moonbase Theta, Out: S4 Episode 8 – Party Business.
(Note: I play Reception Bot in MTO.) There’s a bit of a catch-up with the Science Bros, who have – unsurprisingly – seemingly been focusing on shenanigans more than actual science recently, but it turns out that they’ve actually been quietly working on a lot of different projects. Well… most of them, anyway. We have a new perspective on events from newly-awakened McVett; and during what feels like a refresher on events so far and a painful reminder of the losses Base Theta has suffered, he ever so casually drops a bombshell – going a long way to remove the informational isolation that has shrouded the base since we first met Roger in season one. New information is also trickling into Base Epsilon, where a very interesting scene sheds some more light on the L’Anglois siblings and their complicated relationship. We’ve seen how things have changed between them after their post-shutdown reunion, and how Maria in particular is having trouble adjusting to this, but here there are some important outsider perspectives which help us understand the two further – and the effect that their dynamic has on the people around them. The closing scene is a beautiful one with Ashwini and Roger, giving the two a temporary, but very welcome, respite from their worries and responsibilities on base. It rounds off the episode with a more hopeful feel, while also underlining the importance of cooperation and friendship in the story.

InCo: Season 3 Episode 77 – Present
The fabricated rumour mill is working full time, following a step of Nova’s plan that she came up with last episode. King Atreli’s presence in this story has been characterised by his absence, everyone has an opinion about him, but this is one of the rare cases where he represents himself in person. This behind-closed-doors representation of the king speaks to the power and control that he wishes – but is unable – to have over his own children, never mind the rest of the planet; and what happens when he understands that he has lost control. It may only be one scene, but it speaks volumes to his true nature. Nova’s plan deviates off-course, setting up what will no doubt be an extremely interesting confrontation with him.

Thin Places Radio: [014] the house
Thin Places Radio is a microfiction podcast I got caught up on in time for this week’s episode. In a show with some serious liminal spaces vibes, the unnamed Host broadcasts from a different ‘studio’ in each episode, and takes calls from listeners about the strange and unexplained, playing one voicemail each week. In an intriguing examination of the blurs between reality and fiction, these calls are from real-life people, as listeners are invited to leave their own messages. This week, a message about a seemingly haunted house develops into some poignant thoughts from the Host about the meaning of ‘home’, which gave me pause for thought, as well as the risks we take to make connections.


Super Suits is a new comedy podcast from Faustian Nonsense, which is set in a world inhabited by superheroes. We meet law student Harper Hallo – who, unlike their colleagues, does not have any superpowers – on their first day at a high-powered law firm in the city of Megalopolis. They’re thrown into a difficult case involving a well-loved superhero, which examines a side of your typical superhero story which is all too often brushed over.

The Hunting Season is a new sci-fi podcast from Vincent C. Davies which released its first three episodes this week. Set in 2522, ships have been sent out from an overpopulated Earth to find new worlds to colonise. It turns out that these so-call uninhabited worlds are not uninhabited, leading to disastrous consequences for the humans of Earth. The story so far follows the crew of the Nimbus, as they try to escape before the start of the Hunting Season.


Folxlore released a very creepy trailer ahead of its return on the 5th of March. It seems to expand on some of the locations and themes seen in the show’s first season, with the subway and a strange building, and unknown horrors lurking in the dark.


Lost Terminal is back for its eleventh season, and the story has taken a very intriguing turn. After the cliffhanger at the end of the previous season, there is what seems to be a flashback to a time much earlier than season one, as Seth is back on Station 6. I have a feeling that this isn’t actually the case, a lot of details don’t add up in Seth’s reports from what he has previously told us about his life in space, with an ominous undertone to the episode.

Modes of Thought in Anterran Literature is another podcast I’ve recently caught up on, which launched its third season this week. Modes of Thought is presented as recordings of lectures of a Classics course at Harbridge University, which explores the Anterran Civilisation – the most ancient human civilisation to be discovered. It’s an intriguing story, which constantly places doubts in the audience’s mind of whether this civilisation ever actually existed, or if it’s just a construct of the Professor’s mind. This new season begins with a recording of the Professor delivering a paper at an international conference, examining new aspects of Anterra’s history, and the Professor’s powers of persuasion.

Diary of a Space Archivist made a very welcome return this week after a hiatus. The continuation of the show’s third season continues to delve into CAL’s past and his formerly redacted memories, exploring his past and also what it means to be an AI in this universe.


Supernatural horror Hi Nay is crowdfunding for Act 3 of season one on Indiegogo.

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