Audio Fiction Sunday 22th January 2022

Personal Highlights

InCo: Season 3 Episode 74 – Bribes.
Nova is back in Babysitting Mode, with a gaggle of royal children in her room. Her presence brings a realistic tone to a more mythical discussion of the Machine, which we’ve now seen mentioned a few times since her arrival on Eolara. The discussion about this terraformer also gives the siblings an opportunity to discuss the power structure within the Eolaean royal family, in past generations as well as the present. It expands on our understanding of the god-like power that their father and some of their ancestors wielded in the past over their planet, filling in some more details about life in general on Eolara.

The Pasithea Powder: 30 – Where Do We Go From Here?
Jane and Sophie’s reunion was never going to be the perfect image of the two walking together hand in hand through a field of wildflowers. This entire story has been about the complications between the two and in their relationship, and this episode is the perfect example of just how complicated things can be. The fact that the episode begins with the two separated speaks volumes, emphasising the distance still between them even though they’re now in the same physical space, and how we’ve almost always heard each one of the two on their own over the course of the show. There are so many questions to answer – the episode’s title being the key one, of course – and so much for the two to figure out, with the weight of the galaxy on both of their shoulders.

The Night Post: 3.14 – Escape Route
It’s the penultimate episode of The Night Post‘s third season, and things have decidedly ramped up a few notches for the couriers of Station 103. With each of the three seemingly finally able to make a decision, a choice of their own, about the course of the rest of their lives, everything is at stake. It’s a heartbreaking exploration of the theme of destiny in The Night Post, in a city where couriers are conscripted, and the paths the three protagonists are fated to follow.


Twin Strangers Productions is crowdfunding on Indiegogo for the second season of Syntax.

Casting Calls

The Secret of St Kilda is looking for demos from voice actors in preparation for its upcoming second season.

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