Audio Fiction Sunday 15th January 2023

Personal Highlights

Moonbase Theta, Out: S4 Episode 6 – Tell You How I’m Feeling.
(Note: I play Reception Bot in MTO.) Given Wilder’s love of ancient memes, it was inevitable that one day we would all be Rickrolled. Well played, MTO, well played. As this final season of the podcast has progressed, the story has gradually taken a closer look at certain characters and dynamics; zooming in like a magnifying glass from the big group scenes at the beginning of the season, right down to Wilder’s solo scene in this episode. There’s also a scene that takes a close look at the complicated relationship between the L’Anglois siblings, the push and pull between them, and how Maria sees Michell’s growth as a potential threat to their bond. It asks the question, what happens when it’s not the both of them against the world (or I guess the moon, in this case) anymore? There’s also a very interesting development in the plot of this season’s opening segments, which reflects the moonbase conspiracies’ effect on the greater world, with a chilling insight into the megacorporations and the power that they wield, and their attempts at manipulating the truth.

InCo: Season 3 Episode 73 – Pledge.
Well, that took a turn! In a way, things have come full circle for Hatov, whose experiences off-planet had made him reevaluate his position as a member of the Eolaran royal family, and the planet’s potential future king. There’s no escaping his destiny, it seems, as the plan to dethrone his father continues to unravel in a way that he can’t quite control. I loved how an episode from a couple of months ago beautifully set up this episode’s ending, making us fully aware of its ramifications. I can’t wait for Nova’s reaction.

Sidequesting: 3.6 – Like Gnobody Else.
It’s a cold and snowy environment in this episode, but it’s another heartwarming story from Sidequesting, as Rion meets a new friend in a more unusual setting. Its a different side to the life of another character typically found in fairy tales, with a more unusual take on gnomes and their society. Cooperation is key, as Rion and Gnolan’s different statures and life experiences combine on what would be an incredibly difficult journey home for the gnome. There’s an exploration of what it means to be different to those around you, and how a negative self-image imposed by others means that you can overlook your unique skills and talents.

Spire: 03 – YOU/ME
The story of Malachi and Cosima’s body-swapping continues to unfold in intriguing ways. The practicalities of life have to be addressed, from mundane things such as not getting any crumbs in bed, as the two start to communicate with each other and share their respective views of the other’s life. Their very different backgrounds and life experiences continue to be explored, as we learn more about the world they live in and its more unusual rules and rituals. With a lot at stake for Malachi and the future role he’s destined to have in the city of Spire, I can only wonder what kind of higher power is controlling his and Cosima’s lives.


The Rest is Electric is back for its second season, with the characters dealing with the aftermath of the events that happened at the end of season one. The conspiracy at tech company Somnotech is still bubbling away mostly below the surface, but the protagonists have to now deal with other priorities.


Feminist Fairytales, a series which reimagines fairytales through a feminist lens, is crowdfunding for its second season.

Casting Calls

Dining In The Void and upcoming spinoff Written in Stardust are looking for sound designers and dialogue editors – details here and here. Volunteer positions, with the offer of a favour trade. Deadline is the 31st of January.

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