Audio Fiction Sunday 8th January 2022

Personal Highlights

Someone Dies in This Elevator: S2E7 – Depths of Ocotillo Mine.
Written by Andrew Siañez-De La O (who also wrote season one episode South of Palenque), this powerful episode addresses themes of colonialisation and gentrification, through what appears to be a first date. So many of SDITE‘s episodes have stayed on my mind long after listening to them, for how they portray and examin different aspects of inequality in society, and for giving a voice to the oppressed; and this episode is no different. The ending is so chilling, and is brilliant in its simplicity of conveying the true extent of events which were unknown to us all through the episode.

InCo: Season 3 Episode 72 – Entrapment.
Hatov and Zahlia go nuclear, and it’s very satisfying. The build-up to this episode has been a long time coming, Nova and Hatov have spent a lot of time and energy unearthing the deep-rooted corruption that hides beneath the surface of Eolara, and now it’s time to present the findings. Zahlia’s change of mood from indecision and caution to her furious demands at the end of episode is great to see, especially after her (righteous) anger towards Nova in the previous episode. I’m very excited to see what happens next, and which path will be chosen to dethrone the unfit king.

Trailers and Prologues

The Rest is Electric is set in a 2109 where humans and robots co-exist. In Somnotech, they are co-workers; and in the opening episode of the show, a human is transferred to an entirely robot-staffed department, which turns out to be the beginning of a conspiracy. A trailer for the podcast’s second season was released this week, featuring clips from this upcoming season, which is due to launch on the 10th of January.

Leaving Corvat‘s second trailer gives us some more insight into Sleeper, the story’s protagonist, and his strange town of Corvat. Nobody from Corvat has ever left the town and ventured into the world outside, but Sleeper is determined to. The show is due to debut on the 23rd of January.


Young Leif is a new mini-series from Midnight Burger, which was released publicly this week. We meet Leif during his first trip off-world, and Bertiluna – or BertBert – who introduces him to life in the three galaxies. It’s an intriguing introduction to Leif’s past, and I’m curious to see how this story will lead him to the Midnight Burger.

Casting Calls

Mort Safe is an upcoming historical drama set in 1829 Edinburgh. The podcast is currently casting for paid roles, with the deadline of the 22nd of January.

Where the Stars Fell is currently casting several roles for its upcoming third season. Paid, deadline 16th January 11.59 EST.

Apollyon are looking for two Black voice actors to play two child characters. Details in this tweet.

The Re: Dracula team are casting for ensemble roles, and are looking for Hungarian and Romanian voice actors, and VAs with a Sussex accent. Paid, deadline 20th of January.

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