Audio Fiction Sunday 18th December 2022

Personal Highlights

Moonbase Theta, Out: S4 E04 – Origin Story
(Note: I play Reception Bot in MTO) This episode felt kind of like a sandwich made up of a chaotic middle and two ends which are more peaceful and calm (even though the chaos inevitably bleeds over somewhat). As well as the drinking scene, in the background we have the Science Bros living their best scientific lives; but even with all the fun and games, this episode feels like a pause for introspection. There’s a big focus on Tumnus and her development, and I particularly loved the scene with Wilder. It creates space to explore their friendship away from all the bickering and planning, and allows them to give their opinions about what’s happening on the base. The episode’s two first scenes give us different portrayals of the dynamics between different people and factions in such a small space, which are strained at the best of times, but even more so now with the new arrivals from other bases. There are some very touching moments with Tumnus throughout the episode, and it turns out that she was hiding a very interesting plan for the moonbase network.

InCo: Episode 69 – Nice
It turns out that Wilm’s ‘moving party’ has had a much deeper effect on Nova than I was expecting. She’s usually surrounded by so much chaos on Eolara, but with all the royals busy at the party, she has a much-needed opportunity for some introspection – after a very useful, but difficult, conversation with Lady Ryza. The party has given Nova an opportunity to say goodbye to Alula in a way she hasn’t been able to bring herself to do before, even though the party wasn’t for her. Now that she’s in a place where she can seemingly deal with her grief to some extent, her thoughts can finally move forward to the future, instead of living in the past.

The Pasithea Powder: 29 – My Soul’s A Little Grief
(Note: I appear as one of the voices on the space bus in this episode) 
It’s the very last stretch of the build-up to Sophie and Jane’s long-awaited reunion. This one-sided view is a perfect representation of just how complicated their friendship post-war has been, and raises a lot of questions about how this reunion will be and what will happen after it. Their reaction to finally seeing each other is very typically Sophie And Jane, which also recognises the passage of time and some changes they’ve been through, without yet acknowledging all the difficult experiences behind those changes. They’ve got a lot to talk about, after all. They always do, that’s the nature of their friendship-relationship, and I’m excited to see how they’re going to pick things back up.


Human B-Gon is a new dark comedy, set in a future where the ruling self-aware robots regard humans as pests. Structured as a reality show (complete with in-universe adverts!), Human B-Gon details the company’s ‘human relocation’ work, following them as they deal with reports of human infestations. In the show’s first two episodes, we’re introduced to the company’s dysfunctional crew, with some very typically human issues causing problems within the team.

Joy to the World is a new limited series for December, which was born from an idea by Nathan Comstock (Electromancy, Solutions to Problems), and features showrunner Tal Minear (Sidequesting, Someone Dies In This Elevator, What Will Be Here?) as Joy. Joy is an astronaut on the ISS, who decides to reach out to folks back on Earth on Christmas Eve using their radio. Episodes are releasing every day, with writers portraying different aspects of the holiday season, with its often complicated situations and difficult emotions.


Midnight Burger returns for season three, with an episode titled Chaos!, and that’s definitely one way of describing the events – and especially, the implications of these events – in this season opener. There are some serious time travelling shenanigans, and not only, as the return to the diner towards the end of the episode starts to put a lot of the jigsaw pieces together. There’s one very big question though, who the heck is Clementine?

Dirt is also back for its third season, with the first of seven episodes which are due to be released over the next few months. Who knew coin shows were so cloak and dagger? Joseph makes quite the stir with the three coins he has found on this unusual treasure hunt of his, as their true value is unveiled towards the end of the episode. While the coins are the main focus of the episode, Joseph has much more to make sense of, as he continues to unravel the mission his late grandfather has seemingly sent him on.


Sci-fi podcast Derelict is crowdfunding for a second season, following the conclusion of Fathom.

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