Audio Fiction Sunday 23rd October 2022

Personal Highlights

Lost Terminal: 10.3 – There is hope in decay. Ah yes, October. The perfect time of year for a creepy disembodied voice in an abandoned shop to make an appearance in the world of Lost Terminal. It looks like Seth and his friends may have found another long-forgotten AI, and the lack of physical distance between them and Nana makes things very interesting. The role-playing game that Nana invites them to play turns out to be harmless (or at least, according to Seth), but it’s a sad reminder of the RPG that Seth used to play with MINI. There are definitely some weird vibes, and we know that we can’t rely on Seth to pick up on that kind of thing. I’m very curious to learn more about this character, and what she really is.

Mayfair Watcher’s Society: S1 E02 – Scissors. This episode has stayed on my mind all week, for the unknown horror in Mayfair and how it’s presented to the audience. Through recordings of the town’s neighbourhood watch, we begin to build a much clearer idea of Mayfair and the contradictions it contains, as the everyday occurences and complaints soon begin to develop into something much more sinister. And it’s the mystery that surrounds this danger, right up until the end of the episode, that made it stick in my head so much. This unknown threat creates so many unanswered questions, heightening not only the fear experienced by the characters, but also the audience’s fear of the town of Mayfair.

The Silt Verses: Chapter 29 – And Where My Final Footsteps Fall. At the end of the day, it was always about power. Who has it, who doesn’t, and what happens when those who had power lose it. No bond is immune to this, with the episode bookmarked by the betrayal of two very different siblings. Faulkner’s journey was always about the power and position of prestige that he craved, and once he finally achieves it, it all comes crashing down. I found it an extremely interesting ending to the season, which examines the web of power struggles and deep-rooted corruption within this world and its various faiths. 

InCo: Episode 61 – Rolling Over. The mystery and reverence around King Atreli has been so effectively built since Hatov’s return to his home planet. We’ve heard so much about him, how he and his supposed achievements are perceived, while he has remained very much a separate entity from the characters we have got to know. Even though he is their father, he inhabits a very different sphere to his children, and this distance between him and Hatov is all too clear in this episode. Hatov has learned a lot from Nova when it comes to gaining information from others, and which allows some more details to come to light about the King and the nature of his power on Eolara.

Death by Dying: Obituary 7: Mei Died. “That’s… creepy, but reassuring?” is the perfect way to describe Death by Dying. While it is a show that deals with death, it also highlights the love and care that we have for others, and the sense of connection with those close to us. The Obituary Writer’s own mourning doesn’t stop him from doing his job – his job is who he is, after all – but it does put a new perspective on how he deals with it, and makes him ask himself questions about his own grief. And that Obituary Writer lore drop out of nowhere??

Kingmaker: Chapter One – Happy Konigstodestag! The podcast’s prologue episode introduced us to the last moments of the Kingdom of Valor, along with some of the story’s key players. Here, we jump forward 25 years to the day, to see the outcome of one particular event that happened during the revolution, and how it becomes a catalyst for the story. There are many intriguing world-building details, creating a picture of a very unusual country and its citizens, with the Historian clarifying details that the characters treat as everyday aspects of life.


Upcoming folk horror The Love Talker released a new teaser this week, titled Fences. This snippet from the story gives us a glimpse into a local woman’s disappearance.


Within the Wires‘ seventh season opens with an unusually undated episode, titled Amarillo. It’s a quiet act of rebellion against this dystopian Society, by a woman who has nothing to lose. We meet Elena Jimenez, who has recorded a tape for Anita, the daughter of her late wife, Rose. It’s the beginning of a scavenger hunt, a way for Anita to get to know her mother – a very risky premise, in a world where any contact between families is strictly forbidden. 

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