Audio Fiction Sunday 25th September 2022

Personal Highlights

Greater Boston: Farewell Letters, Currently Unopened. Michael’s goodbye letters have been a key component of Greater Boston’s story as it has moved from its third season into its fourth, with a series of episodes focusing on different recipients and their reactions to his letters. I loved how this mini episode stood out in contrast to these, as poor mail carrier Bernie is faced with so much indifference to the precious cargo he made so much effort to deliver.

InCo: Episode 57 – Sacrifice. This episode is a lot. Nova and Hatov have to deal with the consequences of their actions, which given the extent of the information they’ve discovered, is far from easy. What’s important here is not only what has been said, but how it’s been said. Nova is an information courier, so she can fully understand the importance of information and how it’s been presented, which proves to be chilling in this case. The amount of files and words dedicated to each different step of this course of action speaks volumes – only emphasising the true priorities that were at play. The full picture is finally put together, and the question now is, unlike with an InCo’s job, what do Hatov and Nova do with this information?

The Amelia Project: Episode 28 – Amelia (1999). The stories from the Amelia team’s past continue, as we finally discover the truth about how Amelia herself became the head of the organisation. It turns out that it’s actually much more of an everyday story than what I was expecting, of a grandmother who wishes for her granddaughter to inherit her company. Of course, the company here is anything but ordinary, and it’s not a surprise that Amelia initially has plenty of reservations. Even at her young age, this teenage Amelia is a clear indication of how she will steer the company, and transform it from what her grandmother left for her. There’s also a very touching conversation about love, and how ‘success’ isn’t necessarily a definition of the depth and sincerity of love.


Night Life is a new production from Oliver Morris’ The Lightning Bottler. It’s an intriguing noir-like trailer, featuring some familiar voices from the world of audio fiction, in roles they’ve always wanted to play. The show is due to launch on the 30th of September.

Mayfair Watchers Society is a new podcast from the Bloody Disgusting network, in collaboration with horror artist Trevor Henderson. I came across the trailer for this new found-footage anthology thanks to an announcement on the SINKHOLE feed – creator Kale Brown is one of the writers featured in this show. The atmospheric trailer includes clips from the podcast, hinting at a dark secret.

Death by Dying returns for part 1 of its second season in time for Halloween, on the 5th of October. In a trailer released this week, we’re given an introduction to the upcoming episodes, and how the Obituary Writer is dealing with Charlotte’s death.

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