Audio Fiction Sunday 18th September 2022

Personal Highlights

Mercury: A Broadcast of Hope: The Amauria Project and Letting Go. First of all, love the pun. Well played, Mercury team. Two episodes released on two consecutive days give Dr Rosalind Clark an opportunity to talk about an important aspect of recent history for the Mercury team – Amauria. Amauria is the name that was given to the now-renovated former college dorms, and to the community which Max especially hoped would be established there. Amauria is a symbol of what’s missing not only after the fall of society due to the zombies, but also of what I see as the second part of this story so far – after the arrival of a huge zombie hoard, which devastated the area surrounding the radio station. It’s the lack of a stable community and support network for the Mercury team, that they have now lost twice over. Amauria has been Max’s pet project, and his absence from the two broadcasts allows Dr Clark to give a more honest summary of the project’s past, and its possible future. This provides a great opportunity to remind listeners of events which have involved the community, which naturally also fill in gaps for any new listeners to the show – given that each episode is only available for 24 hours.

InCo: Episode 56 – Reports. Who would’ve thought at the beginning of the show that Prince Hatov would eventually get involved with some very less than legal breaking and entering? It is all for a good cause, though, as both he and Nova carry out the next part of their investigation into the ambassador project. No doubt they’re going to dig up some juicy stuff – we’ve already had some of the Galactic Union’s true thoughts about Eolara, much to Hatov’s shock – but I’m concerned that things are going a little too well so far…

The Vesta Clinic: 10 – Cross Wires. Not only does this episode give us a very different layer of information to add to the picture we have of the galaxy it’s in, it also gives us a different perspective of the Vesta Clinic itself. We can only assume that this patient is not the only one who’s had to remain a secret after having arrived at the clinic, and gives us much insight into the role of bionics in this far-off future. I also enjoyed the focus on Sec, Dr Underwood’s sentient AI companion, and especially how the friendship and banter between the two have developed since they first met in episode one.

Human Error: S1 E03 – On the Road Again. Human Error continues to build an intriguing picture of a post-apocalyptic world, with the beginning of a road trip. There are many details of different cities and areas of Texas, clearly establishing the devastating destruction that the errors continue to bring, and the losses suffered by survivors. Life is a constant battle, with this episode emphasising that our characters can never let their guard down.


Paragon is a standalone production by Jordan Cobb (Janus Descending, Primordial Deep), which was released as part of the Apollo Creator Showcase. Nearly 1000 years in the future, Paragon Self Systems works to help humanity reach perfection in every way, and the company’s work has had some remarkable effects on society. In a horrifying tale of the dangers of perfectionism, a demonstration of a new serum which alters humans’ genetic makeup goes terribly wrong.

Pilot Episodes

The Case of the Best Case Scenario is the pilot episode of mystery comedy Fawx & Stallion, by Ian Geers and Lauren Grace Thompson (The Vanishing Act), and produced as part of Apollo’s Creator Showcase. Hampton Fawx and James Stallion are two detectives who live at 224B Baker Street, in 1889 London. With Holmes and Watson solving all the prestigious cases in the city and stealing all the limelight, there’s a certain amount of resentment on the part of Fawx and Stallion, and Fawx is all too keen to jump on the opportunity to solve a case when the famous pair are away.

The pilot episode of Whale Song was also released as part of the Creator Showcase this week, and is created by Station Blue’s Ester Ellis. I was very excited about this pilot, and it went even beyond my expectations. It’s a phenomenal production, with rich and complex sound design; layer upon layer building and weaving to create a picture of a surreal whaling ship, and an intriguing exploration of gender and masculinity.

Trailers and Prologues

(Note: I play Reception Bot in MTO) In the third prologue episode of Moonbase Theta Out‘s fourth season, the focus is back on Earth, with the Enclave Officer. His introduction to Slipstream gives us some new details about his background, though true to his style, he’s still keeping his cards to his chest (a metaphor I’m sure he’d appreciate!). He was a subordinate in the consortium, and now that he’s gone rogue, we can really start to appreciate the complexity of his scheming and manipulation – he really has been playing the long game here. On the moon, it makes perfect sense that Ashwini and Tumnus are the ones to relay news about the rocket, and Ashwini’s calmness is what the team needs right now to put a plan into action.


Greater Boston is back for its fourth season with a re-release of two episodes, Good Morning, Greater Boston – Part 1 and Part 2, which had originally been released as part of the season four crowdfunding campaign. It’s a new morning in Red Line, and it’s a great way of catching up with familiar characters as they go about the start of their day, as well as a really fun way of introducing some new voices.


Sci-fi podcast Apollyon is crowdfunding for its second season on Ko-fi.

Casting Calls

The Love Talker is an upcoming folk horror from the creators of Delivery and The Book of Constellations, and is currently casting. Paid, deadline 2nd of October.

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