Audio Fiction Sunday 11th September 2022

Before I start with the usual content this week, I wanted to mention the Apollo Creator Showcase which launched on the 5th of September. For folks who aren’t aware of Apollo, it’s a fantastic podcast app which features only fiction podcasts, and it’s a great discovery tool when you’re looking for something new to listen to. The Creator Showcase features 15 different creators from the world of audio fiction, who have each produced a new and original episode of their respective podcasts, as well as interviews with the creators. It’s been very exciting seeing so many special episodes being released this week thanks to Apollo’s support, and I’m looking forward to listening to the rest of the content over the coming days.

Personal Highlights

Lost Terminal: 9.10 – We are on our way back north.  It’s a heartwarming season finale, which unsurprisingly focuses heavily on Lyosha and his return. The finale beautifully wraps up his arc from this season, and marks a brand new beginning for him, with the love and support of his family. It’s interesting how this season is a lot less self-contained than others, in the past we’ve seen journeys reach their end at the season finale, but here it continues. The episode concludes with an intriguing glimpse at the sights ahead of the train, and I’m very much looking forward to Seth and Maddie exploring more new parts of the world.

Meteor City: Ultimatums. Meteor City‘s first episode this week was released as part of Apollo’s Creator Showcase, and it provides a lot of eye-opening insights into life after the meteor hit Detroit. There’s a whole new point of view into Bianca’s investigation, with some disturbing information coming to light, and a new depiction of a price that was paid by people involved in the aftermath of the meteor.

InCo: Episode 55 – Misfile. Oh, this is good. I thought it was just a little too convenient that Nova had accidentally been given a file she shouldn’t have seen, and she does an amazing job convincing Chell that’s actually the case. She is on a mission, and it’s very satisfying watching what seems to be the ‘find out’ part of ‘fuck around and find out’ (in a nice contrast to the whole ‘Hatov finding out’ bit with his father). However, it actually turns out that it’s another step in Nova and Hatov’s (aka The Dream Team) big plan to uncover what really happened with the ambassador project on Eolara, which continues to get riskier at every turn.

Where the Stars Fell: S’Winter Special: Don’t Burn Down the House. Another special episode which was released as part of Apollo’s Creator Showcase, where the fanfic vibes are strong, and I’m absolutely here for it. There’s the use of a classic trope as Lucy and Ed travel for a literary conference, as well as some fun references from some other fiction podcasts. However, it can’t always be fun and games, given the true nature of Lucy and Ed’s relationship, and there are some very stark reminders of what’s at stake.

The Pasithea Powder: A Passage. I was absolutely not prepared for The Pasithea Powder’s Creator Showcase episode. I really appreciate how the Creator Showcase has given podcasters the opportunity to play with their stories, and to show a different side to the world that we usually see, and this episode is set in an alternate universe. It’s a universe where different choices are made at the end of season one, and doing what Pasithea does best, it’s one heck of an emotional rollercoaster. It absolutely does not hold back in the examination of the complicated dynamic between Jane, Sophie, and Evelyn, as the three come face to face with an impossible decision. I thought the use of an alternate universe was a fascinating way of expanding the story, as well as adding a new layer to these familiar characters. 

Flyest Fables: A Tiny Kernel of Loneliness. This week’s Flyest Fables‘ special episode is also a part of the Apollo Creator Showcase. It tells a beautiful story of the moon and the ocean, and their love for each other. It’s such heartwarming tale of how the ocean, once lost and alone, found the moon, and together transformed the world.

Sidequesting: Natural Causes. This new episode of Sidequesting is exclusively available on Apollo this week, as another part of their Creator Showcase. In this episode, Rion receives a letter from Leif, who turns out to be cursed. There’s a very interesting depiction of a god – Mara, a more unusual figure Rion turns to in order to resolve Leif’s predicament. Between both Leif and Mara’s experiences, there are some beautiful depictions of the power of kindness, and what we can learn from doing good things for others. 

Trailers, Prologues, and Bonus Episodes

Transmission Folklore released the first in a series of short episodes ahead of the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for season two. In a mini episode focusing on Sorrel, there’s a letter that couldn’t have been easy to write.

Greater Boston‘s recap episode this week was a really fun way of refreshing my memory ahead of the launch of the show’s fourth season. Some familiar characters take us through the events that have characterised the podcast’s story, right from its beginning, from their own perspective.


The Amelia Project‘s fifth season starts with a story from the past, after we pick up right where season four ended. The Interview recalls a very unusual client and a challenging case, as we’re taken back to 2001, with a visit to Area 51.

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