Audio Fiction Sunday 4th September 2022

Personal Highlights

Lost Terminal: 9.9 – We talked all night. We don’t know much about what exactly happened during the collapse of society, but the stories that have been passed down to Tanya make for some very interesting listening. They’re very helpful in building the picture of what happened in different communities, and there’s also some potentially very interesting information about Maddie and her new body. Speaking of Maddie, there are two very different images associated with her in this episode; and I loved Seth’s description of her joy on Lyosha’s return, like a little dog happily running around! Hearing Lyosha’s joy through Seth on his return is wonderful, as is his new understanding of who he is.

InCo: Episode 54 –  Findings. When I heard that title, I thought things were going to kick off in this episode, but it turns out that it’s a very organised, mostly calm kind of kicking off. Hatov is back, and it amuses me greatly that Nova was just sitting there watching her trashy TV show when he arrived. He has a lot of new information to present to Nova, and it’s great watching the two work through it together. Their cooperation is key to understanding all the details in the investigation of what really happened with the ambassador project – just one of the two wouldn’t be able to get to the root of what actually happened without the other.

The Vesta Clinic: 9 – Make Pace. It’s a very different episode from what we’ve come to expect from The Vesta Clinic, with a much more hands on approach to treating an unusual patient. It’s also a much more tense episode than usual, but that doesn’t mean that the beautiful and poetic imagery of the show is any less present. This patient is particularly memorable, as is the way of treating them.

Human Error: S1 E02 – Austin. The show’s opening episode built up its past, starting with the fall of society, and this episode creates the setting for the present day, as we meet an adult Billie. It very quickly establishes the way of life of one particular community, and the fact that the threat that was encountered in the first episode is still present many years later. Much like with the first episode, there’s another fall, this time on a much smaller scale, with a big difference in how the level of violence is depicted.

Trailers and Prologues

(Note: I play Reception Bot in MTO) In the second prologue episode of Moonbase Theta, Out‘s fourth season, we finally get the answer to the question that’s been on our minds since the end of season three – what’s going to happen to the rocket? The first prologue only increased the tension and our expectations, as the Base Theta crew awaited their arrival, but the three on board are not out of the woods yet. They’re also not the only folks flying to a new destination; back on Earth there’s an interesting contrast, with the story continuing from the fall of the Patrick Free Zone, where the rocket took off.

The Amelia Project is back for its fifth season, with a very interesting prologue. It’s a glimpse into The Interviewer’s life outside The Amelia Project that we’ve never seen before, and I’m curious to see just how this voicemail will shape this new season.

A second trailer for The Tower‘s third season was released this week – along with the announcement of an upcoming live show in Edinburgh. In this poignant snippet, we only hear from Kiri, and the mood is decidedly different from that of the previous trailer.

Hallway to Nowhere is a new horror microfiction from Leslie Gideon (The Path Down). In this atmospheric trailer, we meet Jessica, who’s trapped in a set of endless hallways. The podcast is due to launch on the 1st of October.


Micro-Cosmos returned from its hiatus with episode 9 of its first season. The terraformers’ situation on planet Ophiuchus-22 continues to be dire, as the storm rages on. There are different ways of passing the time, but understandably in such a stressful and cramped environment, tensions begin to run high.

Victoriocity is back with a mini-series to coincide with the podcast’s season three crowdfunding campaign. For Whom Dr Bell Toils begins with the start of Dr Septimus Bell’s ‘Introduction to Forensic Pathology’ lectures, which stresses the importance of his and his colleagues’ work in Even Greater London.

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