Audio Fiction Sunday 28th August 2022

Personal Highlights

Hubris: 5.2 – The Dreamscape Highway. What I love about the 24 hour podcast project Hubris is how each single, stand-alone episode gives creators the opportunity to have some fun and experiment with their storytelling. This episode is written by Max Kreisky (True Tales of the Illuminati, Wizard Seeking Wizard), and I would genuinely love a whole series of it. This round’s theme of soup is used to examine the psychology of dreams through a comedic lens, and the surreal landscape of this particular recurring dream is depicted in such a captivating way.

Lost Terminal: 9.8 – Everything is broken. While Seth’s helplessness was a big theme in last week’s episode, this week there’s much more of a focus on what happens when people receive help from others – and especially in unlikely ways, or from unlikely sources. While things are going better for Seth’s AI friends, all is naturally not well on the train after Lara’s disappearance. It’s a difficult last scene to listen to, as Lara’s parents misgender them and show how little they actually know their child.

InCo: Episode 53 – Blame. Sometimes it takes an outsider’s view to realise just how much you’ve changed, right? This is certainly the case with Hatov in this episode, and it’s heartwarming to see his growth since we first met him being treated as a positive thing. After all the secrets and lies about the ambassador project, he’s decided to go right to the source – where the ships were built. This allows some interesting new details coming to light, that Nova would not have been able to dig up herself – details that suggest the cover up goes even deeper than we thought.


Beneath our Feet is a new six-part podcast created by Fay Lomas and Tash Hyman. In this first episode we meet a mother and child, who live in an estate that’s due to be demolished the following day. This is a fight against gentrification, in an urban fantasy story about community resistance.

Trailers and Prologues

Part III of Tin Can Audio‘s beautiful The Tower is due to be released at the end of September. The trailer that was released this week continues Kira’s journey as she climbs higher and higher, and makes some new discoveries.


Fantasy podcast Sidequesting is back for its third season. The story picks up from the end of the second season in an interesting way, with a story of collaboration and understanding, in which the characters learn to bridge the gap between two very different worlds.

Sci-fi horror Tartarus is back with its second batch of episodes, following the release of episodes 1-4 last year. In this fifth episode, we get to know Viola a bit better, with some very different insights into her past, as she tries to track down a penguin-which-is-definitely-not-a-penguin.


Teslapunk detective comedy Victoriocity launched a crowdfunding campaign this week, and flew past their funding goal in only seven hours!

Casting Calls

Sci-fi podcast The Pilgrimage Saga is casting for its upcoming third and final season. Paid, deadline 20th of September.

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