Audio Fiction Sunday 14th August 2022

Personal Highlights

Lost Terminal: 9.6 – Things are changing. Err, nope, I don’t like that ending. We essentially went an entire season without fully understanding Maddie’s new abilities, watching her from a distance through Seth, and now that they’ve been reunited, some shocking details are coming to light. It’s a fight for survival in a way we hadn’t seen depicted before, as new landscapes and new people bring dangers which neither Seth nor Maddie had previously encountered. It’s a sinister twist in our understanding of these two AIs, who had only ever been portrayed as wanting to do what’s good and right (even if doing what they deem to be right for others comes at some kind of a cost for them), as the chasm between human and non-human suddenly expands.

Desperado: S2E8 – Lullaby. The moral of this second season of Desperado? ‘Find and befriend your nearest lesbians.’ But seriously, it’s an absolutely epic end to the season, as our heroes’ narration weaves and creates some phenomenal imagery. Seeing how characters came together for this huge battle is amazing, and only reinforces the story’s message of the power and importance of culture and tradition in the face of those who wish to erase them, as well as family – blood and found – and love.

InCo: Episode 51: Yila. As much as it pains me to admit it, Vierai has a point. Hatov has been digging around in ways the king doesn’t like in the slightest, and now must reap the consequences of his actions. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Vierai is a terrible person, but she knows exactly how to play the game and keep the peace within the royal family. She’s clearly going to manipulate and gaslight her son into not winning this argument, but Hatov has one very quick and easy trick up his sleeve, and it’s almost funny just how easy it is for him to escape.

Trailers and Prologues

Greater Boston is due to return for its fourth season this autumn. This week, a fun trailer was released, getting us re-acquainted with the characters from the story.

Kingmaker is an upcoming podcast from the folks behind the brilliant comedy horror Less is Morgue. It’s described as a steampunk weird fiction, and as someone who’s a big fan of anything steampunk, I’m very excited. This week, an animated trailer was posted on the podcast’s Twitter account, and I love how it introduces us to the story’s world and characters. Kingmaker is due to launch this October.


Red Valley is a sci-fi podcast which begins with an investigation into the secretive Red Valley research station, and their experiments with cryonic preservation. The show is currently crowdfunding for its third and final season on Indiegogo.

Casting Calls

Vaporware is an upcoming sci-fi podcast, which is currently holding its second round of casting. Paid, deadline 22nd of August.

Twigs & Hearts is a new horror podcast due to launch in October 2023, and a casting call is currently open for both cast and crew. Paid, deadline 10th of September.

COPPERHEART has published a new casting call for the upcoming Shattered Echoes miniseries. Unpaid, no deadline stated.

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