Audio Fiction Sunday 7th August 2022

Personal Highlights

Lost Terminal: 9.5 – Maddie has returned. The pain of gender dysphoria is acutely depicted in this episode, as Lara opens up to Maddie. It’s interesting to note the ways in which Maddie is treated by different members of this family, as a kind of servant by one, and a confidant by another. There’s still much to understand about both sides of this dynamic, as another hint is introduced about the power this family potentially has, and as Maddie’s physical strength is described further. As Seth and Maddie travel on by train and witness more of the post-Collapse Earth for themselves, there’s also some intriguing news from the Southern Hemisphere, which I hope will be explored more in future.

The Silt Verses: Chapter 24 – And We’d Be Gone Without A Trace. This episode digs deep into Carpenter’s past, as she is forced to live and relive the worst night of her life. What she goes through should be impossible, but in this world of twisted gods and faiths, the dead don’t always stay dead. This horrifying episode examines not only Carpenter’s personal trauma because of her faith and her family, but is also a depiction of the level of societal trauma that exists in this world; as the experience depicted in this episode is treated as somewhat of a rite of passage by matriarch Nanna Glass.

Don’t Mind Cruxmont: Episode 9. A conversation in vino veritas brings the confirmation of facts and figures that Colin and Gwen had suspected, and some impossible truths about the town of Cruxmont to light. It’s a huge breakthrough for the two, and almost comical in the way it comes to light, after the danger the two had put themselves in to investigate this strange town. It’s also interesting how the episode digs further into Neal and Colin’s pasts through more flashback scenes featuring the two, and it feels like we’re getting closer to the circumstances in which Neal made the decision to make the journey across the pond. The shocking ending, however, might have something to do with the circumstances in which he went missing, as threatening words are finally put into action.

InCo: Episode 50 – King. From that title I knew that big things were going to happen in this episode, but King Atreli’s confrontation with his son, Hatov, escalates in a shocking way. It’s a breaking point, a kind of aggression that we had yet to personally witness before this point, as Hatov bravely stands his ground. All the lies and the gaslighting both Hatov and Nova have experienced since arriving (back) on Eolara have come to this, in a brutal representation of the planet’s power structure. It’s a terrible situation for Hatov to be in, and as awful as the events in this episode are, I admire his growth and determination in standing up to the head of the royal family.

The Vesta Clinic: 7 – FASERUNR. I’m fascinated by the world building in The Vesta Clinic, how details of the galaxy are portrayed through different patients from different planets, and this episode provides some particularly intriguing details. It came as a surprise to me that a form of time travel exists in this universe, a different kind of time travel than what’s more commonly seen in sci-fi stories. It’s added a very interesting layer onto life in this particular story’s universe, and creates the potential for more unusual discoveries.

The Goblet Wire: The Urban Network. We meet a new player, who provides a very different intersection between real-life and The Goblet Wire. We’ve seen some frustration with the game before, but we hadn’t seen this kind of desperation to succeed; nor a suggestion of a, at least, relatively high financial price that was paid to advance in the game. The level of isolation depicted by the other players we’ve met is also not depicted here; not only is Tipped Bishop in a public setting, there’s even an encounter with another player. This raises an intriguing question not only about the game’s popularity, but also about the uniqueness of the settings within it.


Jupiter Saloon is a new sci-fi comedy from Podcation, set in the infamous dive bar of Jupiter Saloon. Joe’s interviewing for a new bartender, which allows for an introduction to the bar and what to expect from its patrons. There are references and influences from some legends of sci-fi, and I particularly enjoyed meeting Rover!

Trice Forgotten is a new historical pirate audio drama by Rusty Quill, created by Nemo Martin. On Kalitivu, an island colonised by Britain, we meet Siva, a cartographer. In the first of two episodes released this week, Siva desperately tries to escape the island, by stowing away on Captain Alestes’ ship. After our badass captain shows just how skilled she is, her ship has to make a quick departure – granting Siva his wish.

Trailers and Prologues

The Love Talker is an upcoming folk horror podcast from the creators of The Book of Constellations and Delivery, and this week a teaser for the show was published on The Book of Constellations’ feed. Hiding Day introduces the story, which promises to follow one woman’s investigation into the disappearances of girls in remote parts of the Appalachians.


The Far Meridian is a beautiful podcast, which follows agoraphobic Peri and her lighthouse home, which travels. The show is crowdfunding for its third and final season.

Casting Calls

Ethics Town Radio is an upcoming cosmic horror, which is currently casting. Paid, deadline 10th of August.

Fireside Folktales’ is currently casting for its third season, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Paid, deadline 1st September.

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