Audio Fiction Sunday 31st July 2022

Personal Highlights

Hand in Glove: Episode 2 – Try Me Out Sometime. In this second episode, we’re given a new perspective on our two main characters, and Jake especially – thanks to a reporter. The opening scene fills out a lot more details about his past, and lack of advancement in his career. It’s the kind of brutal honesty that makes us realise how much disappointment and frustration he’s been through, as well as his internal battles – but also, how much potential he has. Jake and Javy’s competitive dynamic is also explored further, and underneath the bickering, some other feelings are developing.

Lost Terminal: 9.4 – There are secrets here. That’s an alarming cliffhanger! Safety in numbers seems to be the message here, as even a slight departure from a group or familiar surroundings can place you in danger in this post-apocalyptic world. We’re beginning to build up a better picture of Maddie’s new abilities, as Seth is able to observe her close by, but there are still many questions as to what exactly this new body of hers consists of. The episode title also raised many questions for me, but the sinister impression it gave made way for something much more practical – another interpretation of people using and adapting what was left over by pre-Collapse society. There’s still a certain level of secrecy, however, and I’m intrigued to learn more about this family.

Echoes (In) Between: 12 – Echoes. It’s the long-awaited confrontation between Tamsin and Thomas, as the first season of Echoes (In) Between comes to its conclusion. The external battle between the two evolves into an internal battle between Gemma’s two consciousnesses; and all the while, Tamsin’s determination to do what she deems is right puts the lives of the show’s listeners on the line. It doesn’t come as a surprise that there’s an echoing in what’s at stake – Gemma and Thomas’ friendship on a purely personal level between the two, and the ramifications this friendship’s existence has ultimately had on the entire world. Just when Tamsin thinks that her plan has succeeded, there’s a shocking cliffhanger to close the season, and I can’t wait to see what happens when the show returns.

InCo: Episode 49 – Acceptance. Yeeeah, ‘going through something’ is certainly one way of describing Nova right now. Nova’s interactions with her health droid, SAWA, give us a much more honest insight into her physical and mental health – aspects which she often tries to hide from others, and even herself. Hatov’s conversation with her in episode 47 has sent her down a spiral, and even though it feels at times that she’s close to something of a breakthrough, she ultimately chooses to take a nap – which yes, may be good for her health in the short term, but it doesn’t actually solve any of the problems that are bothering her. Which, isn’t a surprise at this point given how well we know Nova, but it still makes me want to tell her that naps – as awesome as they are – will not solve all her problems!

Chaika: Episode 8 – Hope is the thing with feathers. This week also brought the finale of Chaika‘s first season, where a lot happens. The tension and the action of this episode really contrast with the rest of the season, bringing an end to Chaika’s journey which is both exciting and dangerous. It’s full of surprises and secrets that had been kept hidden from Chaika, which brings an intriguing new beginning – which is not without its risks. The post-credits scene is a very interesting way of introducing new information to the audience, while keeping this hidden from Chaika and the AIs, and I’m excited to see what happens in this new chapter of Chaika’s life.


Broken Road is a new post-apocalyptic podcast from Recursor, and is a part of the Fable and Folly network. In this first episode of the show, we meet military veteran Emmett Lee. Abandoned by the military, he’s in search of replacements for his obsolete implants, and we’re introduced to this futuristic world through his encounters.

Trailers and Prologues

Someone Dies In This Elevator released a very meta trailer, to coincide with the podcast’s crowdfunding campaign for its second season. Much like the show’s first teaser episode, the podcast exists within this episode’s universe. And speaking of that first teaser episode, I wonder who those two bodies were…

Trice Forgotten is a new podcast from Rusty Quill, created by Nemo Martin. A beautifully-scored trailer for the podcast was released this week, which introduces us to Captain Alestes, and life and struggles on the sea. The show is due to launch on the 2nd of August.


Falling Forward is a microfiction series from Caroline Mincks, Tal Minear, Brad Colbroock, and Anne Baird. The series is a modern retelling of the myth of Icarus, and as with the first season, this second season is also releasing daily. Icarus and the rest of the world are dealing with the aftermath of their actions, and their true benefits – and cost – have yet to be seen.

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