Audio Fiction Sunday 10th July 2022

Personal Highlights

Badlands Cola: 1.02 – The Raptor. First of all, I adore this show’s aesthetic. After the trailer that introduced us to both Hawthorne and Strathcona, here we are reunited with Hawthorne in very different circumstances. Strathcona’s disappearance is intriguing, even more so with the image of the Badlands that continues to be expanded. It’s a surreal landscape, of a place that belongs to our world, yet very much doesn’t. Everything is off, and the information at the end of the episode adds a whole new, strange, layer to what we’ve seen through Sunny’s eyes so far.

Echoes (In) Between: 9 . Emergence. I’m sure that I’m not the only person who felt that this episode was a personal attack on them specifically. It’s a huge episode, and the conclusion of an arc we’ve seen develop for the last few episodes, with the outcome of Gemma and Thomas’ investigation. Everything changes from here, and I was very intrigued by an in-universe update that was published in the feed three days after the release of this episode, suggesting a return to the original narrative structure of the story. After the experiences our two protagonists have gone through, I’m very interested in seeing how exactly their return to the studio will reflect the knowledge they have gained about the world they live in, and the consequences Gemma’s experience in particular will have on their listeners.

InCo: Episode 46 – Nap. InCo is back after a month’s break, and so is the chaos. Several royal siblings being unable to wake Nova up after she went for a nap is all fun and games until…it isn’t. The comedy gradually peters out as we’re left with the realisation of how serious this nap of Nova’s is, as a reaction to the difficult events she’s been through. It’s an uncomfortable feeling as the episode closes, as Nova begins to process the consequences of her actions, and how she has chosen – or not chosen, as the case more accurately is – to deal with the aftermath of facing her past. With its canonically aroace protagonist, I really appreciate InCo’s powerful portrayal of the importance and impact of platonic love – especially so during this current story arc.

The Vesta Clinic: 5. Heart Broken. The Vesta Clinic is a delightful new sci-fi podcast, which focuses on Dr Faye Underwood and her patients who come from different parts of the galaxy. This week’s episode is definitely my favourite so far; even though it deals with such a difficult topic as grief, I found the depiction of such deep love from one part of this futuristic universe to be very moving and memorable. There’s one description of the love and bond two partners in this species share that I found so profoundly beautiful, that I had to pause the episode for a few moments and let the emotion created by that particular image sink in. It left me with a lot of thoughts about the nature of romantic love, and the connections we share with others, even when we’re unable to physically be with the one we love.

The Goblet Wire: It Is Not Too Late. It’s the conclusion of Fisher of Snakes’ three-episode arc, and everything is at stake for them in the game – and possibly more. Fisher’s question about the nature of death in the game seeded doubts in my mind as to the true danger it places the players in, and adds a much darker perspective not only to the game itself, but also to the players’ possible motivations behind deciding to play it. There’s no answer as the episode opens, but this fear is always present in the audience’s mind as the episode progresses, and Fisher is put in an increasing amount of danger. There’s a significant price to pay for this conclusion, and as Fisher is left without a chance to speak at the end of the call, my mind naturally asked questions about the potential real-life consequences of the choices made.


Hand in Glove is a new queer podcast from David Hanna, set in the world of baseball. The first episode introduces us to Jake and Javy, two minor-league baseball players, and their different professional backgrounds. I don’t think I’ve shipped two characters together so quickly in my entire life! The playful dynamic between them is wonderful, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing them getting to know each other better. 

Trailers and Prologues

Jupiter Saloon is due to release its first full season this year, and a new trailer for the show was released this week. Billed as a sci-fi comedy set in a dive bar, the trailer introduces us to some of the varied characters who frequent the establishment.

Icarus Rising is an upcoming pirate podcast by Beth Barrett, set on airships The Icarus and The Hyacinth. The Hyacinth has been dispatched to chase down The Icarus, and in a trailer released on the show’s Twitter account, we’re introduced to the crew of both ships.


Lost Terminal returned for its ninth season this week, a few days ahead of its second birthday. This new season takes Seth and Maddie back to what was their first home on Earth, and I loved the reunion with Alexander and his family. As heartwarming as many moments in the episode are, not all is well, as they must deal with some of the aftermath of the many events that have passed since Seth was last at the lighthouse – including the changes that have been made to Maddie. The very last line of the episode explains this season’s new artwork, and it’s a development that I’m very excited about!


The Pilgrimage Saga is currently crowdfunding for its third and final season, and has recently updated the perks which are available for supporters.

The Amelia Project is crowdfunding to create an audio advent calendar, with 25 minisodes released throughout this coming December.

Gather the Suspects is crowdfunding for its upcoming second season. The show is also running interactive mini-mysteries on their Twitter account!

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