Audio Fiction Sunday 15th May 2022

Personal Highlights

2298: S2 E23 – Memory Awake. It’s the season finale, and I have so many questions! The season’s story comes full circle, as Wally answers a question that Profile 13 didn’t even realise they had at the beginning of their story. It’s a satisfying end, yet leaves enough questions unanswered about The Network and how it really functions to leave me wanting more. I never imagined that this is where a potential second season would end when I was listening to season one!

InCo: Episode 42 – Delivery. Ouch. After Nova on a Boat and the card games and shenanigans, just, ouch. This is what she was up to. Why she disappeared and didn’t tell anyone. Nova shows a lot of growth in facing a very difficult situation, and a painful part of her recent past that she used to avoid talking about. It’s a heartbreaking scene, and a moment of fragility that contrasts so sharply with how she has usually tried to present herself to others in the past. However, her mission isn’t over, and I’m very curious to see what she discovers next.

Unwell: 4.6 – The Nerve. A lot has been going on in the first half of this season, with heists and 30-50 feral wolves, but this episode gives us another chance to focus on Wes, and asks some interesting questions about him (and by way of him, also Norah). There are some poignant thoughts on the power of memory, how people are remembered, and what happens when there’s nobody left to remember us, as Wes continues to grapple with his existence in the world of the living.

In Transit: Episode 2.12. – “Well, That Was Fucked Up”. There have been some terrifying moments in this season of In Transit that have remained stuck in my head since (a particular scene in episode 5 being one of them), and the final few moments of this episode is definitely one of those. The ‘bad vibes’ I felt about Notos in the season opener have given way to some chilling subject matter as we’ve spent more time on the ship, with existence only becoming more and more perilous with each episode. There’s a multifaceted fight for survival for our characters, with not only threats within the ship, but from the physical structure of the ship itself, and time is running out.


The Vesta Clinic is a new sci-fi podcast created by AMC, and in this first episode we meet Dr Faye Underwood on her first day at the clinic. During the recording of her clinic letter, which details the treatment of her first patient, we learn a lot of intriguing details about the vast galaxy in which this story is set. There’s also Sec, the clinic AI, who helps the doctor craft her letter.

Trailers and Prologues

The Fause Knight is a new medieval fantasy podcast written by Elliot Somerfield (The Waystation). In the trailer released this week, we are introduced to the story by the Narrator, who tells us of an ominous tale of a thief who stole some cursed armour. The podcast is due to launch this summer.

The Pasithea Powder is due to return for its third and final season in June, and this week released a teaser focusing on one of the story’s two main characters – Jane Gonzalez. Jane discusses her Catholic upbringing, and how some words will never leave her.

Mx Bad Luck is Micah, who, from the trailer that was released this week, is cursed. The trailer introduces us to them and two of their friends, and hints at their run of bad luck. Bonus points for the cat purring ASMR!


It Makes a Sound is back for its second season, but it isn’t Deirdre greeting us on its return. A lot has changed in the time we haven’t heard from the show, and the situation in Rosemary Hills itself is very precarious. 


The Love Talker is an upcoming horror podcast from the creators of Delivery and The Book of Constellations. The crowdfunding campaign for the show was launched this week.

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