Audio Fiction Sunday 17th April 2022

Personal Highlights

2298: S2 E19 – The Clash. We’re reaching the climax of this story, and the final decision – does Profile 13 leave The Network, or stay? But it’s not only them who have to decide. After listening to the episode, I was left with thoughts about the importance of memories, how they shape who we are; and not only that, how we change and develop our personalities over time due to certain events or circumstances. However, we’re dealing with separate copies of a person here, and the distinction becomes even wider. Wallace and Profile 13 are not the same, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what decision they both will make.

What Will Be Here?: E10 – Max Q. It’s a beautiful and emotional ending to a story that I’ve loved following. The group make their last recordings before the rocket launch, and consider both what the future holds for them now, and what they’ve left behind during the course of building the rocket and making their recordings. There are some heartwarming thoughts on creating and the impact we and our work can have on others and the world, which gave me a lot to think about. We don’t know for sure what will happen to the characters we’ve got to know over these last few months, but we do know what kind of legacy they’ve left.

Lost Terminal: 8.2 – It’s quiet here. Communication is an important theme in Lost Terminal, and in this episode, there’s a particular focus on a form of communication in this post-apocalyptic world. It’s a relief to hear that Maddie’s safe and well, after Seth had been unable to contact her! There’s a new friend who’s been helping Seth to contact her, a human who also finds a certain amount of solace in Seth, by sharing a story of heartbreak with him. 

InCo: Episode 38 – Departure. I loved Nova’s ‘Wait… what’! Scenes with her and Chell together bickering are so much fun, but there’s also some big information in this episode. The way Chell so casually admits to such a shocking revelation? She makes Nova’s investigation too easy.

Witchever Path: Sentry Part Eight: Untouchable. There’s a particular image in this episode that has been stuck in my head in the few days that have passed since I listened to it. It’s an image that gradually builds from the opening of the episode, until what actually happened becomes clear in all of its gruesome detail. The search for Cole has taken a much more sinister twist, and You and Jaime are no closer to finding him. With one episode left of this arc, it’s up to the audience to make the decision that will lead to him, after You made a strange discovery.


Orbituary is described as a queer retelling of Frankenstein set in space, and I was instantly sold on the premise. Deep space station USS Prometheus went silent eight years before the beginning of this story, which opens with newscaster RJ Walton presenting an investigation into what happened on the station. We meet the crew on their first day aboard, through the recordings of AI specialist Dr Victor Frankenstein, and learn about his diagnosis.

Trailers and Prologues

I was delighted to see a trailer for season three of Aishi Online pop up in my podcatcher last Sunday morning. With MJ talking directly to a ‘you’, and apologising for the absence since the end of season two, the trailer feels incredibly personal, even by Bailey’s standards. There’s a change in the focus of this story, as MJ goes back to talk about the piece of writing she was reading excerpts of last season, and I’m very curious to see what the shape of this new season will be. The show is due to return on the 1st of May.

That Vampire Show is a new podcast from Tandon Productions (Super Ordinary, Life on Pause, among others) which released a trailer this past week. High-school student Kat is a huge fan of the TV show Bloodlines, and also a fanfic writer. The trailer introduces us to the premise of the story, with Kat winning a fanfic competition held by the show. Interestingly, the story will also be told through social media, and Kat has accounts on Tumblr, Twitter, and (of course!) Archive of Our Own.

There was something of a cryptic update from The Earth Collective this week. A brief teaser on the show’s feed contained the Morse Code for the word ‘alert’, repeating several times. Season five of the podcast is due to launch soon.

Casting Calls

Icarus Rising is an upcoming podcast set on two skyships. Auditions are open for both cast and crew for the show. Roles are currently unpaid, and the initial deadline to fill out the audition form is the 19th of March.

Electromancy is re-casting one role ahead of its second season, which is open to Black voice actors only. Paid, deadline 15th of May.

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