Sound Bytes #3

It’s a little later than planned again, but I’m back with the third issue of Sound Bytes, with some news from the world of audio fiction!


Chaika is an upcoming sci-fi podcast from Karin Heimdahl, the creator of Y2K. The show’s Twitter account is currently counting down to its launch, due on the 8th of April, as well as posting casting announcements.

Fool & Scholar Productions

Congratulations to the Fool & Scholar team on reaching a whopping 20 million downloads for all of their shows combined – the recently-concluded The White Vault, The Liberty Podcast, Dark Dice, VAST Horizon, and the upcoming Don’t Mind: Cruxmont.

Travis Vengroff has also been hosting a series of streams on Twitch recently, mostly focusing on sound designing episodes of the team’s podcasts, as well as listening parties.

Gather the Suspects

Cosy murder mystery Gather the Suspects is the latest podcast to join the growing Faustian Nonsense Podcast Network – joining shows such as Chain of Being, Dos: After You and The Green Horizon. Congratulations!

Hand in Glove

Hand in Glove is a new queer podcast set in the world of baseball, due to release this Spring. A short teaser clip of the podcast was posted on the show’s Twitter account recently.

Lost Terminal

All of the original music composed by Namtao for the recently-completed seventh season of Lost Terminal is available on Soundcloud, in one handy playlist. Shout out to Lofi Beats to Deorbit to for the excellent title!

Moonbase Theta, Out

Moonbase Theta, Out has been running a series of Twitter polls in order to decide the protagonists of two bonus episodes for its fourth and final season. These bonus episodes were one of the stretch goals in the show’s recent crowdfunding campaign, and the public decided that an episode each will focus on Jaxon and Ashwini; with another two featuring the Enclave Officer and Ahnung, as perks for two Executive Producer level supporters.

The Call of the Void

Sci-fi mystery The Call of the Void announced on Twitter that the show is due to return for its third and final season on the 28th of April. I’m very excited for the conclusion of the story

The Fause Knight

Upcoming medieval fantasy podcast The Fause Knight comes from Elliot Somerfield, the creator of sci-fi horror The Waystation. Recently the cast was announced on the show’s Twitter account, featuring some well-known names from the world of audio fiction. Congratulations to all!

The Love Talker

The Love Talker is an upcoming horror folk podcast from M.T. Goins (Delivery) and W. Keith Tims (The Book of Constellations). Along with the announcement of this new podcast on Twitter, an intriguing visual trailer was also posted. According to the show’s website, the creators are aiming to release the podcast in August, with a crowdfunding campaign in April.

This Planet Needs a Name

The three volumes of music beautifully composed by Trace Callahan for the first season of This Planet Needs a Name are now available on Spotify and iTunes.

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