Audio Fiction Sunday 3rd April 2022

Personal Highlights

2298: S2 E17 – Two-Factor Authentication. Profile 13’s recent discoveries have led up to this, a decision about their entire existence. After what we’ve learned about them and the other profiles, this episode looks at their humanity and personhood, and questions their entire reality within The Network. Their sense of panic heightens as The Network continues with their repetitive, cryptic, questions; emphasising that, after everything, Profile 13 is still human with very human emotions. I’m very excited about the next step in this story.

What Will Be Here?: E9 – Countdown to Launch. This episode is one of the most emotionally charged ones I’ve heard in audio fiction, and I was crying all the way through it! It’s an incredibly raw and unfiltered portrayal of grief and loss, and the different ways that people deal with their emotions. Right from the start, the episode absolutely doesn’t hold back, with the lack of words (similarly to how we’d seen in episode four of the podcast, with a different character) conveying Kei’s feelings in a very powerful way, and setting the tone for the rest of the recordings. But as with this story in general, hope grows from the darkest of places, which is the tone on which the penultimate episode of the series closes.

InCo: Episode 36 – Fighting Instinct. An alternative title for this episode could very well be ‘Done’, as in, Nova is extremely done with this entire situation. Not that I blame her, of course, the royal children are… well. They most certainly are. But after all the exasperation and bickering, Nova puts her foot down and gets her point across. She’s on a mission to uncover the truth, a very dangerous one, and there’s definitely no turning back now.

Wooden Overcoats: Season 4 Episode 10 – A Funn Farewell. After seven years, Wooden Overcoats comes to an end with a feature-length finale. And what a finale! It’s a beautiful conclusion to the story that we’ve seen develop over the course of four seasons, which also deals with processing grief and how death affects people in different ways, and also serves as a new beginning for the beloved characters. There are also some surprises along the way, which also demonstrate how much some of the characters have grown and changed over the years. I also loved the very end of the episode, how it tied up one particular aspect of the show, while also leaving us to imagine the chaos that would inevitably come afterwards. Congratulations to everyone involved with the podcast for a wonderful story!

Trailers and Prologues

The final trailer for the second season of Gone was released this week. It features some thoughts about change, in a world where everyone has disappeared. The podcast is due to return on the 3rd of May.

The Pilgrimage Saga released an update on the show’s second season, which is due to return on the 30th of April. The update also includes a trailer for the upcoming second part of the season, and I’m very excited for the continuation of the story!


Journey to The Heart is an upcoming choose your own adventure podcast musical (!) from Dollar Bean Productions, the folks behind podcast musical The Flame. The crowdfunding campaign for Journey to The Heart is currently running on Indiegogo.

Casting Calls

WGC Productions is casting for a new improv podcast, titled The BookMarks. Paid, deadline 15th of April.

Transmission Folklore is casting for its upcoming second season. Paid, deadline 30th of April.

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