Audio Fiction Sunday 27th March 2022

Personal Highlights

2298: S2 E16 – Awakening. Welp, that’s quite the existential crisis for Profile 13. It’s an unnerving episode, as The Network, in all its usual emotionless repetition, drives home some very uncomfortable truths. The Network has gradually become even more of a sinister entity, and the question I was left asking at the end of the episode is why it was created. Looking back at the prologue episode Resignation that was released before this second season started, there are some answers to this; but at this point in the story, there’s clearly something much darker at play.

InCo: Episode 35 – Get Out. Yes Hatov! This is such a great episode, with Hatov finally putting his foot down and voicing exactly how he feels about all the lies and secrets on Eolara. After Nova’s discovery, he’s been doing all he can to find out about the ambassador project, frustratingly getting nowhere, but hopefully that’s about to change. Also, Zahlia noping out on seeing that her guest was Hatov? Brilliant. 

Wooden Overcoats: Season 4 Episode 9 – The Last Nail in the Coffin. The penultimate episode of the series wraps up in a heartwarming way, until we get back to Chapman, that is. That line, right at the end? I actually went oof out loud! But up until then, there’s a real sense of differences being reconciled, the Funns finding a renewed love for their work, as well as a new-found respect on Piffling. There’s the Funns taking over a Chapman funeral, in a much more amicable way than Chapman used to steal theirs, which really felt like everything coming full circle. Things didn’t get worse for them after a disaster either, it actually got much better! But it does always has to be cryptic, with one thing in particular though, as Antigone said!

In Transit: Episode 2.08 – Cairo. This episode was a rollercoaster! And just when I was on the edge of my seat thinking it was about to happen… Came something very heartbreaking instead. I did enjoy seeing our little group let their hair down a little, even if clubbing is illegal and things didn’t go exactly to plan. It’s been a very tense time on the Notos, to say the least, and I’m glad there was something of a return to normality for those from Eurus, even though it was short-lasting. There’s also an interesting insight into humanity’s past, thanks to an old recording at the beginning of the episode; which coupled with Alnitak’s words at the end, gave me something of an overall mood of, the more things change, sadly the more they stay the same.

Where the Stars Fell: Episode Seventeen – Dear Listener. My perspective of this episode comes from an able-bodied person’s point of view, and I really appreciated that the topic of accessibility was handled in this episode. Lucy is trying to get an audiobook of one of her novels recorded, and she wants it to be perfect. This opens a discussion with different characters about the importance of accessibility in media, in order to include all who want to be able to access a particular experience – in this case, Lucy’s books.

The Godfrey Audio Guide: 33 – Buildings and Visitors. For me, the second piece in today’s episode stands out as one of the most memorable and horrifying that I’ve heard over the course of the podcast. It taps into a very base fear, and the how of it being possible soon becomes unimportant. The increasing level of panic was so effectively conveyed, with the sound of footsteps portraying the emotions felt by the visitor perfectly, and the repetition of the audio guide’s words really driving home the terror. 

Trailers and Prologues

A second trailer for We’re Alive‘s new series, Descendants, was released this week. Featuring clips from the show, it teases some interesting developments in this post-apocalyptic world, and it was great to hear from so many familiar characters again. The series is due to launch on the 5th of April. 


The Silt Verses is back with an awesome opener for its second season. Before we catch up with Faulkner, there’s a change from any of the usual perspectives, with two new characters bringing the biggest ‘fight (a) god or die trying’ energy I’ve ever seen, which also sets up a very interesting plot for this season. Faulkner’s story from season one initially comes full circle, with the return to the parish that he’d so vividly imagined and the power he craved, but not everything goes quite as he’d hoped. And Carpenter? Well, I’m very much looking forward to seeing where exactly it is she’s ended up, and with who.

Casting Calls

Copperheart has opened casting for an upcoming miniseries, titled Shattered Echoes, with one role currently available. Unpaid, no deadline stated.

Sci-fi horror Act Natural is casting for its first season. Paid, deadline 17th of April.

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