Audio Fiction Sunday 20th March 2022

Personal Highlights

2298: S2 E15 – Decommission. Well that sure was an episode, huh?? Not only is there the confirmation of our suspicions following the cliffhanger we were left on in the previous episode, there’s just the teensy tiny little thing of the story’s entire reality being thrown on its head. The revelations in this episode are huge, and completely change our understanding of the story – but there are some very big questions still left to be answered.

What Will Be Here?: E8 – Remove Before Flight. Well, the show’s twitter account did say that folks weren’t ready for this episode, and I absolutely wasn’t. It’s a gradual build-up to the heist, with different members of the group facing the reality that they live in in a different way. Jules’ recording is very touching, as she reflects on the journey making the rocket has taken her on, and how much it’s changed her understanding of the world. The final scene is so tense, as a smash cut takes us to the middle of the group’s attempt to steal fuel for their rocket. I would just like to say, how dare??

SHIFTS: They Were All Yellow. It’s an interesting shift (heh) in perspective, as Nehemia, who we first met just over a year ago in sibling show Surreal Love, enters Dahlia’s game. We’ve become so accustomed to seeing this particular game through Dahlia’s eyes, and the way she tries to overcome it, even this first snippet with Nehemia gives it a very different feel. And that mention of Netty? Ouch…

The White Vault: Episode 5.10 – After. The Documentarian’s (the name reveal!) investigation into the events in Svalbard and Patagonia is done, and this excellent series finale deals with the aftermath of everything. The human cost is more than clear, though it very clearly hasn’t affected everyone in the same way. There’s an awful contrast with the emotion shown by Dragana and in Casner’s recorded message and the sense of normality and everyday life projected by Agneta. I loved how the pre-credits ending tied everything up neatly, and finally answers the question of who the Documentarian was making the recordings for. But the post-credits?

InCo: Episode 34 – Ally. Much scheming, very plotting! I always find scenes with just Nova and Hatov very interesting to go back to, after all their time together in space. Hatov is now such a sharp contrast to the rest of the royal siblings; Nova and Hatov together really break through the smoke and mirrors of their privileged lives on Eolara, and bring to the surface all the rot that’s been hidden for so long. But of course, their determination to uncover what’s really been going on over all these years isn’t easy, which is where we catch up with them during this episode.

Wooden Overcoats: Season 4 Episode 8 – Once Upon a Long Time Ago. The suspense! The drama! Chapman’s past is finally revealed, and it actually makes a lot of sense! The fact that Rudyard is the only one who cares about it worked great as a punchline, until things got really dramatic. It’s a shocking turn of events, which even given the location of the funeral that was taking place, I didn’t see coming! There’s still a certain amount of mystery left to unfold, thanks to Chapman’s former colleague, but can the big secret about his past finally now be put to rest?

Greater Boston: Episode 39.2 – Good Morning Greater Boston – Part 2. The second episode of Greater Boston’s fourth season was released after the show’s crowdfunding campaign hit another milestone! It’s not news that I love how the show uses and plays with narration, and this week I wanted to give a special shout out to the scene in which the Narrator and Leon were discussing how Leon was narrating his ex’s new boyfriend, absolutely chef’s kiss. There are some great exchanges between the two, and some interesting developments, as they continue to give us glimpses of the lives of some of the residents of Greater Boston – also introducing us to some more new characters.

Modem Prometheus: 6 – Faerie Road. The full moon brings another intriguing story from the night, and the sinister mirror world that coexists alongside ours. As we’ve heard other stories from the city, a bigger picture has been growing of this other world, where there’s a constant danger if you cross its boundaries. Trevor knows this, but as the story also criticises the gig economy and capitalism in general, he’s left with no choice. Even though we’re told in no uncertain terms at the beginning of the episode what his fate is, I still found myself rooting for him.


24-hour podcast project Hubris is back, with the first of the episodes that were created during the latest round. Train of Thought is an intriguing story from a world of secretive organisations, all vying to be the one that picks up a mysterious package left on a train.

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