Sound Bytes #2

I wasn’t intending on leaving quite so long since my first Sound Bytes post, but… life! Here are some snippets of news I’ve collected over the last few weeks from the world of indie audio fiction.

Calling Darkness

On the third anniversary of its launch, it was announced on Twitter that production of the second season of comedy horror Calling Darkness was underway. Author S.H Cooper will be writing this season, and as of last month, three scripts were complete. I’m very excited for its return!

Dining in The Void

Ali Hylton, the creator of Dining in The Void, posted an announcement regarding the show as well as two other podcasts she’s currently working on. Production of season three of Dining in The Void is well underway, as well as a prequel show titled Written in Stardust. Hylton is also behind the upcoming apocalyptic podcast, Human Error, which is currently crowdfunding.

Fable and Folly Network

The Fable and Folly Network continues to grow, and recently Dirt – An Audio Drama and Where the Stars Fell were the latest podcasts to join their roster of shows. Fable and Folly Plus was also recently launched, a new subscription service which offers ad-free versions of the over 50 podcasts which are part of the network.

Festival of Podcasts

The Festival of Podcasts is an online podcast event, with panels planned to be held on the 27th of May, and live shows over the rest of that weekend. It was created by Gavin Gaddis as a space for discussion and education, which opposes expensive and sometimes unethical big-name podcast conferences – and is specifically running as counter-programme to one and its scams in particular. Folks are now able to submit panel submissions, until the 3rd of May.


Orbituary is a new retelling of Frankenstein set in space, which I’ve been looking forward to for a while. Episode one is due to be released today, 16th of March.

The Silt Verses

The Silt Verses team posted a public Patreon update for their upcoming second season. It’s a very exciting glimpse of this new season, set three months after the ending of season one. According to the post, the show is due to return on the 21st of March.

Tin Can Audio

Scotland’s Tin Can Audio published The Tower Piano Book, which features a selection of six pieces from the show for the piano. There was also some sad news from the team recently, with the announcement that the second season of Middle: Below will no longer be going ahead, with the story ending with the completion of its first season.

We Fix Space Junk

It’s We Fix Space Junk‘s fourth anniversary on the 19th of March, and to celebrate, there’s a special anniversary live stream on Twitch at 6pm GMT. An announcement on the show’s feed promises games and a question and answer session, and some special guests.

…And finally, lazy journalism strikes again, as the New York Times claims (again!) that audio fiction has just been invented. This time, by Audible. Who knew?

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