Audio Fiction Sunday 13th March 2022

Personal Highlights

2298: S2 E14 – Crosshair. Copy 13? Excuse me?? You’re just going to leave that there at the end of the episode like that?? Well, that sure explains some things, but that is not what I was expecting to be left thinking about when this episode opened. In fact, the whole episode took a very different turn to what I was expecting after last week’s cliffhanger, and I’m very excited to see what happens to Profile 13 at HQ.

Falling Forward: 7 – I’ll Know it When I See It. I enjoyed this microfiction retelling of Greek mythology, and I thought the daily releases were a really interesting way of telling the story. I’ve chosen to highlight this particular episode because of a particular aspect of the story that I found exciting – the fact that it’s set in the same universe as What Will Be Here? (which comes from one of the folks behind Falling Forward, Tal Minear). A couple of small mentions added a lot to the worldbuilding as someone who listens to both shows, with the sudden realisation that we were seeing the doomed Earth a certain amount of years in WWBH’s past.

Lost Terminal: 7.10 – I’ve Figured It Out. Seth’s decision at the end of this episode is the conclusion of the arc we’ve seen develop over the course of this season. He needs to feel useful, and he doesn’t think he is in his new home. It isn’t the case, as we keep seeing from how he helps out his friends every episode, but the relative stability in his new location has obviously given him a lot of time to think about his purpose. Other threads from this season are wrapped up nicely, as we hear about all the positive changes and progress Seth’s AI friends have made. I’m very intrigued to see what will happen in the show’s eighth season, with this promise of Seth and Maddie branching out on their own.

InCo: Episode 33 – The Council. It’s the aftermath of Nova’s discovery, but from a different perspective, as Hatov starts to investigate the ambassador project. It’s not a surprise that the entire thing is even more shady than I initially thought; with Eolara and its power structure hiding even more secrets, as Hatov has only begun to scratch the surface of what happened. It’s a very interesting twist to the overall story of the show, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what will be uncovered next. Also, have I mentioned how much I love Kora recently? 

Apollyon: Episode 10 – Principles. Some shocking secrets are finally unveiled in the season finale of Apollyon, and it’s even worse than Theo – or I – could’ve imagined. She’s left facing a past that was hidden from her, which has direct ramifications on the research she’s been working on, putting her in an impossible situation. The focus of this story has been on the human cost of this fictional pandemic, and not only the lives lost, but how the fight against it has altered and damaged relationships and family ties; creating secrets and lies that have lasted decades. Secrets that change everything once they’re brought to the surface.

Wooden Overcoats: Season 4 Episode 7 – In The Buff. First of all, those final two scenes?? Chapman’s mysterious past is finally catching up with him, with three episodes of the series now left to go, and I am very intrigued. Secondly, I didn’t expect an episode about a naked charity calendar to be that wholesome and positive?? Yes, there were also some typically ridiculous Wovercoats moments, but the episode was so heartwarming. It was so wonderful seeing how much Antigone had transformed by the end of the episode.


Silly Old Bear is an audio adaptation of A. A. Milne’s Winnie-The-Pooh books by Caroline Mincks, and features some well-known names from the world of indie audio fiction. The show’s first episode was released this week, and it was just as delightful as I imagined it would be.

Trailers and Prologues

This week brought the first trailer for We’re Alive‘s new series, titled Descendants. I’m very excited for another continuation of the zombie story, which is due to launch on the 5th of April.

It Makes a Sound released a trailer for its upcoming second season, due to return on the 5th of May. Unsurprisingly, for a story that began with the discovery of an old cassette tape, it features a song.

Gone released a second preview of its upcoming second season Taken from episode 2, there are some uneasy thoughts about the state of this world, in which everyone else has disappeared.


Greater Boston isn’t back for its full fourth season yet, but the season premiere was released to mark the show’s crowdfunding campaign reaching $6,000. Congratulations, folks! Greater Boston has always done some really fun things with narration, but they really stepped it up with this episode – the Narrator narrating the narration? Genius. We’re back in Red Line, and this season opener is a great way of taking stock of where a bunch of both existing and new characters are at; as well as demonstrating just how much Red Line has changed since the city was first established.

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