Audio Fiction Sunday 6th March 2022

Personal Highlights

2298: S2 E13 – Cautionary. Profile 13 has been gradually revealing to us what happened to Profile 24 – to the extent of their knowledge of the events – and the picture becomes more and more disturbing with each episode. What we imagine happened to them is never as bad as the next piece of information that’s added to the story, and there’s a horrifying discovery in this episode about the value of human life outside and after The Network. It’s another rollercoaster of emotions, and the cliffhanger at the end of the episode is only worse, given what 13 was talking about only moments before.

What Will Be Here: E7 – Ignition Failure. I really appreciated Armani’s positive thoughts on failure, giving a very different perspective on the simple and frustrating lack of fuel for their rocket – there’s still the hope that what they’re doing will change something in this dark, dystopian world. The episode builds up to a nasty surprise, as Dane makes a realisation which made my heart sank. Just when it seemed like Jules was really opening her eyes to Savannah’s true nature, there’s an awful revelation which demonstrates just how much she’s had her head in the sand her entire life. All the bad news in this episode leads to one option, and I am extremely here for a heist – and Jules also gets a chance to redeem herself.

Lost Terminal: 7.9 – Winter is difficult. There’s a big breakthrough for Seth in this episode, which honestly comes as a relief; as he realises that he can’t function at 100% all the time, and that he should ask for help. He doesn’t fully accept that this is the way things have to be – which isn’t surprising – but it’s a big step forward, which has been a long time coming. It’s amusing how Seth doesn’t see some of his own qualities in LUNA’s determination though, even right after talking about how he wants to research new forms of energy to increase his power levels. I loved the ending, the change in subject was actually a quick and amusing way of showing how much progress had been made since averting disaster! With one episode left of the season, the episode is mostly positive, and there’s a big focus on the different kind of progress which has been made by some of Seth’s friends – but how will the season wrap up after this?

Night Shift: Episode 102 – The Shade Serial Killer. Night Shift is a new urban fantasy podcast which I’m really enjoying so far, particularly for the worldbuilding details. There’s an intriguing mix of fantasy and modernity, in a world where magic died out two centuries prior, but where many paranormal and unexplained elements and creatures still exist – some of these artificially created. It’s one of these unexplained elements that’s the focus of this episode, which has the feel of a true crime podcast; if one were set in a world where a strange natural phenomenon still not fully understood by society could mutate humans. I’m very much looking forward to learning more about Echor City and the world it’s set in.

InCo: Episode 32 – Results. After the discovery she made in the previous episode, Nova is Not Okay. It isn’t an easy episode to listen to, and Nova’s actions convey much more than her words ever could (you are not fine, Nova), which makes the scene all the more powerful. Everything has been turned upside down for her, and it’s far from surprising that she can’t comprehend what she’s learned yet. I’m very glad that she had support from Hatov, and this episode also gives us just one portrayal of why SAWA is so important to her as a health drone – and why she reacted how she did when SAWA was taken from her.

The Oracle of Dusk: The Fourth Child – Session 3. There’s a heartbreaking revelation in this episode, which made me go back and re-evaluate everything I’d heard this season – and in particular, the previous two sessions with this fourth child. Everything makes so much more sense now, the approach Delphi was taking with this particular sibling, and indeed, the reason she decided to reach out to any of them at all. This season is hitting home for her in more ways than we could’ve imagined at the beginning of the season, and this episode ends on such a highly emotional note.


Falling Forward comes from Team Hubris, a group of prolific podcasters (when do y’all sleep??) consisting of Caroline Mincks, Tal Minear, Brad Colbroock, and Anne Baird. The ten-part microfiction series launched on the 1st of March, with a new episode releasing daily. Based on Greek mythology, the story follows Icarus and their determination to take down mega-organisation Labyrinth Corporation, after they announce new health-tracking functions.

Trailers and Prologues

ROGUEMAKER is an upcoming sci-fi podcast written by Emma Johanna Puranen, which is due to launch on the 4th of May. A trailer for the show was released this week, which introduces us to the story’s setting and characters. A spaceship explodes, leading to the passengers having to escape in individual pods. The trailer also includes clips of radio shows and adverts which will be keeping them company as they float through space.


Unwell‘s fourth season picks up from the cliffhanger we were left on at the end of season three. Weird things sure do enjoy happening in the town of Mt Absolom, and 30-50 twelve feral wolves setting up camp in the town sure is… A Thing. Wes’ discovery at the end of the episode could go some way to explain the mystery of what they’re waiting around for, but there’s still a lot to unravel. There’s also that from the end of the previous season to deal with, which is quite the existential crisis.

Special Episodes

Rogue Dialogue Productions released a special crossover of both of their podcasts, Windfall and Forgive Me!, titled Forgive Root. Even though both shows are vastly different, the crossover works extremely well, especially given where we left Root at the end of the first season of Windfall. The episode also features some particularly excellent voice work from Josh Rubino, as both Root and Father Klem.


Greater Boston is crowdfunding for their upcoming fourth season, and as of writing this post, they’ve hit 40% of their target. The campaign is running for another 26 days.

Human Error is an upcoming podcast from Ali Hylton, the creator of sci-fi horror Dining in The Void. Set during an apocalyptic 2033, the story will follow Billie on a road trip, in a world where they’re surrounded by zombie-like ‘Errors’. The show is currently crowdfunding, and is also running for another 26 days.

Casting Calls

The Sheridan Tapes is casting for their upcoming third season. Paid, deadline 14th of March.

Tartarus is casting for their second ‘batch’ of episodes. Paid, 17th of March

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