Audio Fiction Sunday 13th February 2022

Personal Highlights

2298: S2 E010 – Automated. What a tense episode! Just when we think Profile 13 has managed to outsmart The Network, that they’d managed to escape the cliffhanger we were left on at the end of the previous episode, there’s a nasty surprise. Instead of just running and desperately trying to escape, they had a chance to actually pause and talk through their plan (and add some worldbuilding details), breaking the tension for a moment and leading us to believe that they’re safe – but this comes to an abrupt stop. What will happen next?

Lost Terminal: 7.6 – Peter has disappeared. There’s a lot for Seth to worry about in this episode, and as with the previous episode, it starts with some concerning news about one of his friends – this time, it’s Peter, who’s under St Petersburg. The AIs in this episode are all trying to take control of their surroundings, or even their existence, in different ways; and the description of Yeshi building Maddie new wheels brings some positivity and lightness in between some more difficult scenes – although this also ends on a concerning note. It’s not surprising with everything that he talks about in this episode that Seth’s mood is off, and the mention of his mother feels like a punch in the gut. With all this going on, one thing Seth hasn’t brought up is the power issues from episode 7.3, that was making him feel tired – will this disregard for his state of being cause him more problems, as we’ve seen before?

InCo: Episode 29 – Time Criminal. First of all, love the episode title. Excellent timing, Chell, though, really. Can everyone just let Nova watch her trashy TV show in peace? She’s Been Through It, it’s the very least she deserves at this point. But with Nova just trying to watch some trashy TV, Chell catches her at a moment when she has her guard down, and this leads to an interesting conversation. SAWA’s return also makes for a stark contrast to Nova’s reaction when she discovered that she had been taken. Nova, naturally, doesn’t completely forgive Chell, but it’s a – so far – rare moment of reconciliation and understanding between the two.

Wooden Overcoats: Season 4 Episode 5 – Dead Man’s Chest. Being a huge Wolf 359 fan, I was very excited about the episode from guest writer Sarah Shachat, and I loved the pirate-themed mayhem! The Funns are in the spotlight again, and it’s interesting seeing this change of dynamic in the village, with even some – shock horror! – turning against Chapman. That used to be unthinkable! Things do go well for the Funns for a while – too well, even – but as Georgie says, ‘Every flipping time’… There’s an interesting end to the episode, and I’m curious to see what ramifications it’ll have on the end of the series.


Two Flat Earthers Kidnap a Freemason is a new dark comedy from Good Pointe Podcasts (The Subjective Truth, The One Stars). Randy fell deep into the world of conspiracy theories, and is now a flat Earther with his own online channel called The Flat Truth. His videos aren’t getting a lot of views, though, compared to the other flat earthers out there, and he’s looking for something to go viral. It’s when Randy loses his job that the penny really dropped – the representative from HR present at Rudy’s firing is a Freemason, and Randy has opinions about Freemasons. It’s a satirical take on online conspiracy theories, and the absurd lies which are spread and believed on social media.


The entirety of the third and final season of paranormal microfiction Dart dropped this week. In these final six episodes, Jenny’s investigation of the sketchy food delivery app Cheer comes to an end, and there are some big surprises as the story winds up.

Casting Calls

Monkeyman Productions are casting for the upcoming fourth season of Moonbase Theta, Out, and are looking for voice actors of North African or Palestinian descent. Paid, deadline 1st of March.


Super Suits is an upcoming comedy from the Faustian Nonsense network. The crowdfunding campaign for the show’s first season was launched this week.

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