Audio Fiction Sunday 6th February 2022

Personal Highlights

2298: S2 E09 – Regression. Oh yeah no, that wasn’t ominous at all, The Network. Much like with the rest of Profile 13’s transmissions, with their gradual unveiling and building up of information, we’re still putting together the pieces of what exactly the threat is against them – and it’s even worse then what both they and us have feared. Their very human nature, which they discuss at the end of this transmission, makes for a stark contrast to The Network as a whole, but especially the power structure which they were discussing only moments prior. 

Lost Terminal: 7.5 – Arctica is in trouble. Changing the format of the episode’s opening again is a worry. I can’t help but feel like it’s a bit out of the frying pan into the fire for Arctica, after her rescue from the other side of the world. Of course, Seth doesn’t dwell on this news for long, preferring to move on to a couple of other friends, and we don’t hear about Arctica or the danger she’s in for the rest of the episode. The dream Seth recounts felt like a moment of escapism; even though the dream itself wasn’t a happy one, choosing to relay this in detail takes away from thinking about the difficulties all his friends are facing. However, the fact that an AI is having a recurring dream in itself is interesting, as well as the message that it could contain.

The Oracle of Dusk: The Fourth Child – Session 2. As with the first sessions for each of the four siblings, this second session for the fourth child is truly heartbreaking. There’s a much bigger focus on the grief itself – instead of, for example, how it impacts on another sibling’s relationship – and not only that, Delphi’s grief. She talks in depth about her own experiences and difficult family life, and how she’s learned to co-exist with her grief, which might help this sibling. There’s a definite feeling that the sessions with this sibling in particular could be helping Delphi with her feelings as much, or more, than the person she’s reaching out to.

InCo: S3 Episode 28 – Always You. Festival. Oh boy, Nova is in so much trouble when she gets back to the palace. It’s very interesting seeing more of the planet of Eolara, in an episode set outside of the palace, where Kora and Temius can just be two kids at a festival. I’m still not convinced that giving those two creatures that can make fire is a good idea though, even if they’re just going to eat them! There’s some new information about the planet and its belief system – things that the Galactic Union, unsurprisingly, has got wrong – and a glimpse into life for the ordinary people of the world. 

Wooden Overcoats: Season 4 Episode 4 – A Match Made in Piffling. Okay, this is definitely the funniest Wooden Overcoats episode yet for me. There are so many great moments! I loved everything about the first scene, I actually replayed ‘sugar high’ Madeline because it made me laugh so much, and Rudyard trying to capture Esther the parrot is brilliant! It’s so much fun seeing a scheme unfold that has nothing to do with the Funns’ and/or Chapman’s work, but the course of true love and all that…

Midst: S2E13 – Inside. The Trust is shady as heck, oh we know that, but the perfect and shining facade it projects to the world really comes crashing down in this episode in a spectacular style. When valour becomes a currency, it’s inevitable that the whole system is taken advantage of and eventually becomes corrupt, which is made perfectly clear through the events narrated here. It’s a powerful and chilling episode, as one character reaps the consequences of his actions in a horrific way.


Small Victories is a new nine-episode dramatic comedy from WGC Productions (Retribution), which follows Marisol, a 22-year old recovering drug addict. In this opening episode, we see her determination to stay sober, as well as her juggling friendships and dynamics that aren’t always easy to manage. There’s a fun use of narration, as Marisol has to talk to ‘us’ in her head so that people stop looking at her in public.

Trailers and Teasers

Horror/fantasy The Silt Verses posted a trailer for their upcoming second season on Twitter, which also features some interesting new artwork for the show. The trailer features some intriguing snippets from some familiar characters as well as some new ones, and I’m very excited for its return!

Silly Old Bear is an upcoming podcast written by Caroline Mincks (creator of Seen and Not Heard and SHIFTS), an adaptation of Winnie-The-Pooh books by A. A. Milne. This past week, a teaser was posted on the show’s Twitter account, introducing us to the characters of the story. The podcast is due to launch on the 8th of March.


Moonbase Theta, Out is crowdfunding for its fourth and final season. There have also been some shenanigans on TikTok to promote the campaign!

The Totally Normal Diner is an upcoming urban fantasy sitcom, which is currently crowdfunding for its first season.

Urban fantasy Desperado is running a crowdfunding campaign for its upcoming second season. A trailer for this new season was also published on the show’s feed as the crowdfunding was launched.

Casting Calls

Hit Replay is an upcoming podcast from the team behind the recent sci-fi limited series To Chart a Well Trod Course. The show is currently casting, roles are unpaid and the deadline is the 15th of February.

Sci-fi horror Dining in The Void is casting for its next three seasons. Unpaid, deadline 10th of March at 11.59pm PST. In addition to this casting call, auditions are also open for a prequel show set 17 years before Dining in the Void, titled Written in Stardust. These roles are also unpaid, with the same deadline of the 10th of March.

Atypical Artists are casting for a test pilot episode of a new podcast that’s currently in development. Paid, deadline 10th of March.

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