Sound Bytes #1

Hi folks! Firstly, thanks to everyone who got the post which had plagiarised my work taken down on Sunday. What a day. Secondly, I have a new feature that I’ve been thinking about for a while, and that I’m trying out. Tentatively called Sound Bytes (because bytes… audio files… I love my puns, if you can’t tell), I wanted a space where I could highlight some audio fiction news that doesn’t fit into my Audio Fiction Sunday posts. News about upcoming podcasts, live shows, updates from social media, that kind of thing. I’m not sure how often I’ll make this kind of post, it might be more of an ‘as and when’ thing, depending on the news I find.

Gideon Media

It’s wonderful seeing the Fable and Folly Network going from strength to strength, and this week it was announced that their newest network partner was Gideon Media – the team behind Steal the Stars, and recent productions including The Designated Mourner, Give Me Away, and The Earth Moves.

Moonbase Theta, Out

Moonbase Theta, Out announced on Twitter on Sunday (30th January) that their fourth and final season is now in production. A crowdfunding campaign for the season was also launched yesterday, which is running until the 2nd of March. A casting call for new roles is also due to be announced soon. 


ROGUEMAKER is an upcoming sci-fi podcast that I’m very excited about, and I’ve enjoyed seeing some behind the scenes snippets on their Twitter account as the show is being recorded – including a photo from a table read a few days ago. 

Sidequesting & What Will Be Here

Tal Minear, creator of Sidequesting and What Will Be Here, has made their podcasts (or, what has been released so far for WWBH, I should say) available on Bandcamp. It’s an interesting move, especially as the platform can be used to raise funds for shows. Sidequesting can be found here, and WWBH here.

Super Suits

Super Suits is a new podcast which will be a part of the Faustian Nonsense network (home to Chain of Being, Dos: After You, and The Green Horizon, among others). Described as a comedy about a law firm set in a superhero universe, an animated trailer was released for the show, ahead of the launch of the crowdfunding campaign next week.

Silly Old Bear

Silly Old Bear is an upcoming podcast from podcasting powerhouse Caroline Mincks (creator of Seen and Not Heard, SHIFTS, one of the co-creators of Light Hearts). Due to be released this year, the show is based on A. A. Milne’s Winnie-The-Pooh books. The past audio fiction Sunday brought a flurry of cast and crew announcements on the show’s Twitter, with some big names from the world of indie audio fiction. I’m very much looking forward to the launch!

The First Episode Of

The First Episode Of comes from W. Keith Tims, the creator of The Book of Constellations (which, I have to admit, I’ve only listened to one episode of so far due to time constraints, but it’s an intriguing story that I’m definitely going to get back to!) In this podcast, Tims talks to audio fiction creators about their work, after having listened to the first episode of their podcast. This past week he spoke to the creator of InCo, who goes by ItMe. It was a very interesting conversation about the inspiration behind the show, and the challenges it presents when the show’s creator voices all of the characters. 

Wooden Overcoats

Wooden Overcoats held the first of their live shows for their final season this past Sunday (30th January) at King’s Place in London. For this season, live shows are also being streamed online. I’m hoping to make it to a show before the end of the season (though that depends on gestures vaguely at everything). I’ve seen Wooden Overcoats twice live in person and the shows were so much fun! 

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