Audio Fiction Sunday 23rd January 2022

Personal Highlights

2298: S2 E06 – Metadata. Profile 13 continues to talk – to whom, they don’t know – about The Network and their existence in it, which has gradually built up a picture that has become more and more disturbing with each episode. By now, it feels like a very different world to the one Profile 24 was inhabiting in season one, even though they’re the exact same – what differs is their knowledge of it, which completely shapes their existence. One aspect did strike me as being the same though, the ‘distraction’ 13 mentions in this episode – as 24’s bird was a distraction to them. And as we know from back then, The Network needs all profiles to stay focused.

What Will Be Here: E5 – Vector Transfer. After the raid which we saw the effects of last episode, this episode generally has a more positive feel. Work is progressing, things are getting assembled (or de-assembled) and even though things are also getting blown up slightly, it’s still progress. There’s a beautiful scene with Armani, as they talk about the stars and how much they’ve always meant to them. However, there’s still a certain amount of darkness, thanks to Savannah and their control over the world. There are some thoughts at the beginning of the episode which shows how little the responsibility of fighting climate change has changed in this future, and Dane and Suri later on in the episode also both have thoughts about their fight against the mega-corporation. Suri also goes into Savannah’s history, further expanding our knowledge of this dystopian world, with a few notes that are not that unfamiliar to us.

Lost Terminal: 7.3 – I’m tired. Poor Maddie! Seth tries his best to comfort her, but what a way to end the episode! With Seth and Maddie, and Arctica getting acclimated to their new homes, there’s a lot of new things to discover and get used to, and it isn’t all good. The break in the usual format of episode openers is concerning, but it isn’t surprising that Seth doesn’t dwell on it, and instead focuses on his friends. I felt so sorry for LUNA, who had worked so hard only to be laughed at by the humans down on Earth. Seth did a great job of comforting her, and explaining what are very human emotions. It’s the end of the episode that hits the hardest, however, and I’m very worried about what happens next!

SHIFTS: S02E06 – Switcheroo. So we’re just going full-on Surreal Love sibling-show-crossover now, huh? I’m very much enjoying Dahlia and Nehemia’s plans to burn the game to the ground, and it’s very interesting seeing main characters from both shows coming together like this. Nehemia in this episode functions somewhat as a spoke between the two, bringing in a conversation with Naunet and Jolen, before continuing to talk to Dahlia. And Jolen is adorable!

InCo: S3 Episode 26 – Always You. It’s the very last line in the episode that reveals the meaning of its title, and what a way to end the episode it is. It’s the middle of the night when Hatov and Zahlia have a more honest and frank conversation about their missing brother, Wilm. As with many other families, this royal one hasn’t been dealing with tension and bad events well, leaving things unsaid and not wanting to face difficult emotions; but things bubble over between the two siblings in this episode. Even though we’ve seen Hatov grow increasingly uncomfortable with his royal role this season, this conversation is another reminder that he’ll never truly be able to leave everything behind.


A new opening theme signals a new beginning for In Transit. After the season one finale, this second season opens on Notos, Eurus’ sister ship; and life on Notos is very different, even though the architecture is similar (no swearing, seriously Notos??). There’s also the slight problem of the Notos dying, which only seems to be concerning the folks of the Eurus. There are definitely some weird vibes on this strict ship, and I’m very curious to see where this season will go.

Casting Calls

Following their initial season two casting call, Desperado are now casting for five additional characters for the upcoming season. Paid, deadline at the end of January, or when roles have been filled.

Don’t Mind: Cruxmont is an upcoming mystery podcast from Fool and Scholar Productions. They’re currently casting for voice actors from the North East of England. Paid, deadline 15th February.

Fantasy podcast All The Wrong Magic is currently casting for its upcoming second season. Unpaid, deadline 15th March.

Fantasy adventure Electromancy is also currently casting for its second season. Paid, deadline 18th February.

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