November Audio Fiction Milestones

Happy December! Here are some audio fiction milestones from November, including debuts, new seasons, season finales, and special episodes.



Wolfwhistle is a radio show which broadcasts on 104 WPR Metro from New York City, in 1934. Unlike the other programmes broadcast by the station, Wolfwhistle is a talk show, which invites prominent members of society to talk on air to the public. This is the age of the Great Depression, and a very ambitious construction project is underway in the city, and by talking to the man behind it all, the two hosts begin to uncover some shady dealings in the way it’s being run.

Keep It Steady

Keep It Steady is a new production from the Procyon Podcast Network. The story is set in a high school in 2005, and school isn’t always kind – especially if you’re queer. This first episode introduces us to Zach, who sleeps in class and always gets detention; and new boy Gabe. We see Zach and Gabe get closer to each other over the course of this episode, and how Zach begins to change due to Gabe’s good influence – though these changes aren’t positive for everyone. The end of the episode sets up the premise for the story, as Gabe suggests to Zach that they pretend to date, so that another couple won’t be the only queer kids dating in the school.

What Will Be Here

What Will Be Here is a new production by the very prolific Tal Minear (Sidequesting, Someone Dies in This Elevator, and a whole host of other credits), and is set in a future that’s not so far away. A group of young people are working on a secret project, that of sending recordings into space on a rocket, as a record of Earth, before humanity’s time runs out. This is a dying Earth, where an ominous mega-corporation controls all aspects of life, but these few people are rebelling against this control. In this first episode we meet the different characters and their roles within this group, and how their feelings about this big idea vary.


Observer Pictures’ Apollyon released its first episode after a successful crowdfunding campaign, and the second episode in the series overall. Apollyon is set 150 years in the future, in a world which has been decimated by a pandemic. Dr Theo Ramsey is one of a team working on a new vaccine against the virus, and they’re making some important breakthroughs. In the continuation of the story, the very human price of the pandemic is felt, with its strain on families and the difficulties in travelling. While dealing with an emergency, Theo must figure out how to carefully balance her own priorities with her extremely important work.

New Seasons


Caroline Mincks’ SHIFTS is back for a second season, and we’re presented with a new perspective. This season also follows on from the release of its sibling show Surreal Love, back in February, which gave a completely different context and understanding for the setting of SHIFTS. Dahlia also has a new understanding, after the events of the first season, as we start to see her forging a completely new path in this constructed reality.


STUDIO5705 launched the second season of Dirt at the beginning of November, and Joseph’s more unconventional treasure hunt continues with a journey to the coast of Washington state. Joseph received a letter from Aimo, his late grandfather, and at this point in the story, he’s following clues left by Aimo to find things that were buried many years ago. As he travels around and tries to decipher these clues, it becomes increasingly difficult for him to deal with his work obligations, and his life outside of this hunt.

The Phenomenon

Luciola Creative released a fourth season of The Phenomenon, titled Survivors. After three seasons focusing on life during the alien invasion, this anthology will feature stories from after when the aliens left Earth. In this first episode we meet two survivors in Mexico, who managed to stay hidden in a basement. It’s a touching story, not only of friendship and connection, but new-found joy and freedom amidst the insecurity of a new Earth.

Midnight Burger

The second season of Midnight Burger opens with the diner in Arkansas. Druscilla, a local woman discovers it, and she’s never noticed the diner, even though she lives just around the corner. After all the physics and explanations-of-what-the-diner-actually is (though some explanations are more vague than others), it turns out to be a very touching episode, as the employees of the diner work together to solve an extra-dimensional problem. However, the diner is also facing a much bigger problem, as its very strange nature seems to have completely changed – setting up a very interesting beginning to this new season.

Season Finales


Oof. The first season of Tim Krause’s Omen concluded with a highly emotional episode right from the start. I never imagined the story would unfold as it did at the beginning of the season, as the search for a missing person blew up into something so much bigger. It’s been a wild adventure across the seas, but it’s far from over yet as a much bigger conspiracy comes to light.

To Chart a Well-Trod Course

To Chart a Well-Trod Course is a four-part miniseries which focuses on the relationship between a human and a sentient AI. It’s LAVINI’s first journey as a spaceship’s AI, and right from their first meeting, Dr Alan Winstead and LAVINI have a complicated relationship. This story examines why that is, by exploring Dr Winstead’s past to explain his actions. It’s an interesting examination of interpersonal relationships, and how trauma affects us and the decisions we make.


The second season of Mel Hartman’s noir microfiction Creep followed Miami and the road trip he was taken on by Sasha and June, after the heist he was hired to investigate in the first season. Along the way they talk about some of Miami’s old cases, and it turns out that there’s some significant history that Miami was unaware of. The end of their journey brings them back to Miami, but they haven’t managed to slip under the radar.

Marsfall: Bunker Down

The Bunker Down miniseries provides very interesting insight into the wider universe of Marsfall. Set on Earth, the story focuses on Dr Katie Hall, who wakes up from stasis in an underground bunker. As with the main Marsfall series, there’s a fascinating use of music; in this miniseries there’s a focus on music as a language and means of communication used by artificial intelligence, which must be decoded.

Who is Cam Candor?

Who is Cam Candor? is a mockumentary which presents a satirical look at fiction podcasting. B.K. Will investigates the disappearance of the extremely prolific podcaster Cam Candor, who vanished without a trace in 2020 – before the indie fiction podcasting purge of 2025. They left behind a series of very unusual shows, and this podcast includes fictional in-universe experts who give their opinion on Candor and their disappearance, as well as appearances from real-life fiction podcasters. This investigation leads Will into a deep conspiracy, full of cliffhangers and bizarre twists.


Nathan Comstock’s modern fantasy Electromancy concluded its first season with a very surprising cliffhanger! Over the course of the season, we’ve followed Jenna as she tries to settle into the Royal Institute for the Study of Sorcery, but the jealousy and rivalry she gets caught up in is the tip of the iceberg, as much more sinister events begin to unfold. The finale presents us with some answers we’ve had about Jenna and her family, but there are still many secrets left to be revealed about this lightning mage and her past.

Gather the Suspects

MadeUp Audio Productions released a three-part Halloween miniseries of Gather the Suspects; as a weekend break to the coast turned into a murder investigation for our heroes from Prosperity Heights. They’ve made something of a reputation for themselves, and when they make a stop at Porthcawl, they discover that something creepy seems to be afoot. With a dog also coming along on the trip, there’s more than a hint of the Scooby Do about this story!

The Pasithea Powder

Episodes of The Pasithea Powder are always emotional rollercoasters, and the finale to this second season is no exception. It’s the conclusion to the plots and schemes that have been carried out by Jane and Sophie (and others) in the previous few episodes, but I was caught by surprise at how the episode unfolded. Their actions to save themselves or to correct past actions always tie into deeper ramifications on the entire galaxy, and the ending of this season is a perfect example of this. It sets up a very interesting third season.

The Night Post

This season finale contains some shocking revelations as to the real nature of The Night Post. It’s been a season of new discoveries, about the Post, the Skelter and the beings that inhabit it, and the connection our couriers have to the supernatural. I absolutely wasn’t expecting the season to end in the way it did, and it’s really made me re-evaluate the story so far, and what I thought I knew about The Night Post and Gilt City.

The College Tapes

Not only was it the season finale of The College Tapes, but after over six years, it was the series finale of The Bright Sessions; as its final spin-off came to an end. The College Tapes has been an interesting insight into the wider universe of The Bright Sessions, delving into more difficult and sinister situations, now that the characters are adults. I also really enjoyed catching up with Caleb and Adam, seeing how the series explored their relationship, and the shared past that neither of them are able to forget.

This Planet Needs a Name

(Note: I play Nessa in This Planet Needs a Name) Evan Tess Murray and Trace Callahan’s This Planet Needs a Name wrapped up its first season (and celebrated its second birthday!) with more than a few surprises! In true TPNAN style, there are plenty of beautiful scenes, focusing on different kinds of relationships (You want ships? This show has all kinds of ships!), and the importance of spending time together. Some of the terraformers have…interesting run-ins with the local fauna, and there’s still a lot left to learn about the planet’s wildlife. As the show enjoys saying, sometimes the tears are good.

Special Episodes

Seen and Not Heard

Seen and Not Heard released a Chanukah special, as David is invited to a party Bet is hosting. There are two very distinct sides to this episode, as there’s a focus on David’s OCD; with and a sharp contrast between his inner thoughts and outer behaviour, as he tries to enjoy the party. Bet genuinely does seem to be enjoying herself, it’s wonderful seeing her having a good time with people she cares about, and I loved the time that was dedicated to Bet and David’s friendship.

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