Audio Fiction Sunday 5th September 2021

Personal Highlights

Great & Terrible: Worse Than Death. The last couple of lines from this episode have been on my mind all week. That shocking realisation, which serves as the episode’s cliffhanger, which is delivered in just enough of an ambiguous way that you need to take a second to process the meaning of Jane’s words. Jane never imagined this as a consequence of her actions, and this is the beginning of her living with it.

Kane and Feels: DayTrippers – WHEN. I don’t always find it easy trying to put something coherent together about an episode of Kane and Feels, and my feelings can often be summed up as ‘no thoughts, only vibes’. The vibes are always excellent though, mind you. However, this week’s episode definitely changed my understanding of this season, and where I think it’s possibly going. ‘WHEN’ is exactly the point of the episode, and Kane and Feels have very different approaches to figuring out what’s going on in Twomy St. Dunstan. The complete picture of what exactly is going on in the strange town is gradually being put together, but it’s not surprising that there’s still a lot left to understand.

Lost Terminal: 5.9 – I can hear someone. It’s the penultimate episode of the season; the ship is now in the ocean near New Zealand, and spirits on board are still high. I actually got goosebumps at Seth’s description of the ‘strange transmission’ he hears, this relic of a now non-existent world, like a ghost continuing to haunt their old home – but there’s an even bigger surprise later on in the episode! It’s a mostly optimistic episode, with Seth recounting how they saw dolphins, and the image of Paweł making a coat for Maddie is delightful. It’s also a great opportunity for Seth to show how much he’s learned about the world since his observations from space in season one; he now knows details such as how the coastal ports were evacuated first when the sea rose too high. I said that it’s a mostly optimistic episode, because the mood completely changes towards the end, as Seth makes a shocking realisation.

Unwell: 3.12 – Return. A phenomenal ending to the show’s third season. And what a cliffhanger! I was so stunned by that final scene, and I have so many questions, brand new questions that have come out of nowhere! Just as we were beginning to understand the different nature of Mt Absolom’s ghosts, everything gets turned on its head. And the sound design? Incredible. There’s so much more to the town of Mt Absolom than I ever imagined, and I can’t wait for the next season!

Electromancy: Episode 5 – Introduction to Psychology. This episode has a completely different pace to the previous episode’s duel, and it asks a lot of questions about Jenna. There’s always been a certain amount of mystery to her family and her background right from the show’s first episode, and many of the conversations in this episode only expand on this, with the Dean wanting to find out more about her. It definitely seems to be building up to a big revelation, which her mother – who apparently vanished – seems to be key to.

Starfall: Act 1 Scene iv. It’s the end of the first act, and after the scene has been set, and the characters and their various roles have been introduced, we see the Carouvel Traveling Acting Troupe perform. But the beautiful night at the theatre takes a turn… With each episode, we realise that there’s more about Leona and her background that we don’t yet understand, and this episode contains some big surprises! Towards the end of the episode, Leona does provide us with some answers to our questions, including the original one of why she ran away from home. But she’s reluctant to talk about her past, and many questions still remain unanswered, heightening the mystery around her and her abilities.


Grimwell County is new Western horror from Gabriel Alvarez, the creator of Starcalled; who not only writes, does the excellent sound design, composes the music etc etc for the show, but also plays five (!!) characters in the show’s first full episode. Set in Texas, something’s lurking in the swamps outside the town of Grimwell, hunting down people who find themselves out there during the night. Vigilante Deacon Langley has heard some of the stories, and has travelled to Grimwell County on the back of his horse, on Covenant business, to discover what’s really going on.

Who is Cam Candor? is a mockumentary set in 2035, which pokes a satirical look at the world of fiction podcasting. By now, all fiction podcasts are produced by one megacorporation, after the Great Indie Podcast Purge of 2025. B.K Will, who investigates the obscure and forgotten in the arts, looks into the disappearance of the last indie fiction podcaster, Cam Candor. Candor is certainly a mysterious figure, nobody knows anything about them, and the shows they produced were definitely weird. They also had the strange habit of only releasing the pilot episode of all of their podcasts, before then completely deleting the RSS feed. Clips from two of these shows are presented during this first episode, and they’re certainly…a thing.

Roommates is a new microfiction podcast about two unlikely college roommates, from Briggon Snow of The Bright Sessions fame. Set during the pandemic, Olly and Casper definitely weren’t each other’s original choice of roommate. In this pilot episode, Olly returns after having been to meet his fraternity brothers – even though he shouldn’t have – while Casper was trying to get some sleep before a test. The rest of the reason is due to be released on the 15th.


Moonbase Theta, Out is back for another between-seasons miniseries. Much like Before The Moon, which was released between seasons two and three, All Your Base provides another previously unseen perspective to the story – but this time, we’re on the moon. Each episode will focus on a different moonbase, starting with Alpha, and going right through to Zeta. It’s going to be very interesting seeing the shutdown as it happened in different bases, and what secrets they might be hiding, especially as the show’s next season is going to be its last.

Less is Morgue is back for its second season, after after a break that both Evelyn and Riley have enjoyed. And we’re off to a start, with Riley’s mum suing her child, and the case going to court. This episode also serves as something of a recap of some of the events of season one, with some regular and guest characters appearing – but, as we’d expect, not everyone is on Riley’s side. Among the chaos and memes, there’s a very serious message, as the episode tackles parental neglect and ableism.


Upcoming supernatural horror podcast The Secret of St. Kilda (which boasts a very impressive cast!) launched their crowdfunding campaign this past Friday. On Saturday morning they announced that they were already fully funded, and have since set their first stretch goal. Congratulations!

Other News

There was some exciting news from Rusty Quill this week! Firstly, there was the announcement of the upcoming Rusty Quill Original Production, Cry Havoc! Ask Questions Later; as well as the announcement of the names of those joining the Rusty Quill Originals team to work on that production, and another upcoming show titled Trice Forgotten.

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