Audio Fiction Sunday 6th June 2021

Personal Highlights

Great & Terrible: Humpty Dumpty. In a continuation of the theme of belonging from last week’s episode, Jane talks about the racism and bigotry that she’s faced during her life; which is very clearly demonstrated by the ignorance from her chirpy white friend, when Jane’s feeling so much anger. The use of the phrase ‘death by a thousand cuts’ is particularly interesting, when we consider how Jane has to kill in order to stay alive.

Lost Terminal: 4.9: I think I understand.  I had a good chuckle at the opening of the episode, as Seth was praising how ‘human’ MINI was, without realising how human he was. For an AI, he speaks in a very human way, and talks about very human things like emotions, too. It was interesting to learn more about Peter, and to have another perspective on how different all the AIs in the show are, and how a lot of their personalities and the ways that they function are down to outside influences or inputs they couldn’t or can’t control. I don’t like the tone of that last line, though!

The Mountain’s Heart: Directions. Felisa still has a lot to get her head around, as she’s still processing meeting the goddess Maria Makiling on the mountain. Unsurprisingly, this experience has had a deep effect on her, and we’re starting to see a big change in the way she thinks about herself – and apparently, some new powers. There’s also a discussion about colonialism, and especially the effects of Catholicism being brought to the Philippines by colonisers, and how that’s shaped the beliefs of Felisa’s and her family.

Solutions to Problems: Mini Ep. 13 – Loaf and Sam. Solutions to Problem is always such fun, and I was so glad to see a surprise in between seasons mini episode this week. I love seeing what goes on on the station outside of the actual Solutions to Problems show, and the different glimpses of the StP universe that something like this minisode gives the audience. But in true StP style, there are some poignant moments among the comedy, with the appearance of some familiar voices.


I was very excited to see a trailer for the second season of Tin Can Audio’s The Tower, which is due to return in September. There are two very different phonecalls, and of course, the trailer also features the show’s beautiful music.

Upcoming epic fantasy Erai’s Destiny released a visual trailer on Twitter, ahead of the show’s launch in July. It features some dramatic snippets of dialogue, and the art is beautiful!

Sci-fi podcast Homeward released a trailer ahead of the show’s launch on June 16th. There’s a snippet of a conversation between what sounds like an AI and a human, Dana and Ben, aboard a spaceship that’s left Earth behind. Ben’s the pilot, and it sounds like he’s been asleep for a while.


Kane and Feels sneakily dropped a new episode on Monday, and WHAT was indeed my reaction when I saw it. Feels is still hiding out on the coast, and gets to know some of the locals. The episode is surreal and dreamlike as always, and gets increasingly nightmarish as it progresses.

Casting Calls

Fantasy show Inn Between are casting for their upcoming fourth season. Paid roles, deadline June 23rd at 1am CST.

Tandon Productions (Super Ordinary, All In My Head, Life on Pause) are casting for upcoming show Sponsor. Paid, deadline June 8th.

Badlands Cola is a new horror/mystery, due to launch next year. There’s currently a sound designer call open until June 23rd.


{Queer} Pride and Prejudice is, as the name suggests, a queer retelling of the classic novel. The crowdfunding campaign for the show was very appropriately launched on the first day of Pride month.

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