Audio Fiction Sunday 23rd May 2021

Personal Highlights

Hubris – 2.6: In The Heist. One thing I love about the Hubris project is that it gives folks the opportunity to write one-off stories that otherwise wouldn’t fit into the shows they usually create, and that can lead to a lot of fun. Here we have a heist, and it’s very much a present-day heist story, reflecting the reality of life for so many in low-paying jobs, struggling to afford things that shouldn’t be out of reach.

Radio Elusia – 10: Leahpar. The public now has access to any and all recordings made of conversations in Elusia, which leads us to this episode. It’s here that the truth about Raphael, who has seemingly been keeping his head down this season, comes out. I really liked how this episode worked as a contrast to the previous one, with the listener now the one who’s being listened to.

The Silt Verses – Chapter 9: My Song Has Taken Hold Of Me. It’s one of the episodes where the perspective shifts away from our two pilgrims, and I loved how this episode felt like a mirror of Carpenter and Faulkner’s experiences. One of the things I enjoy the most about this show is how new details from this world are still slowly introduced, new details that are even more sinister. And unsurprisingly, there are different rules for different people in this universe, too.

Lost Terminal – 4.7: We Were Defeated. That title had me so worried when I saw the episode pop up in my podcatcher… Well played, Seth, well played. ‘How to care for your new AI’ genuinely teared me up; not only the care and compassion Seth has for another AI, but how much he’s grown and learned to be able to help another AI understand who they are. It’s really interesting how MINI’s predicament echoes that of Seth’s in season one – will it end in the same way?

Down – Part 24: Beyond. In a tense and wild finale, we reach the conclusion to everything the crew of the Virgil has been through during this season, and there are some big shocks and questions that remain unanswered. The sound design over the show has always been excellent, but I really loved the effect of how the audience was taken back underwater to the Virgil after the opening scene.


Cassandra’s Tales and Truth is spin-off of The Oracle of Dusk, now with its own RSS feed. Cassandra is one of the new oracles we met in season 4 of The Oracle of Dusk, and through Delphi, she presents short stories based on the Delphic maxims. This first story explores one of the main three maxims: Know thyself. How do you discover who you are in a sea of unfamiliar faces?


The Waystation is a new sci-fi horror, due to launch later this year. The trailer for the show was released this week on Twtter, and on the show’s RSS feed..


We Fix Space Junk returns for their second, and much-anticipated, Marilyn’s Diary mini-series. ‘A Long Journey Home’ is just that; Marilyn and Computer have ended up way off course, and are now around 6 months away from Marilyn’s home planet of Gontano. I really enjoyed the glimpse of a new aspect of the Automnicon universe, as Marilyn and Computer explore a huge and seemingly-abandoned space station. It’s wonderful to catch up with Marilyn and Computer again, after their departure back towards the beginning of season 2 (though we have heard from them briefly since), and I’m really excited to see what new things Marilyn will learn this time – and what we’ll learn about the Automni-verse.

Casting Calls

Keep It Steady, an upcoming podcast on the Procyon Podcast Network, is casting for a production coordinator and director.


An additional week has been added to Observer Pictures’ crowdfunding campaign for Apollyon’s first season.

Other News

Congratulations to Fool & Scholar Productions for their Webby Awards win for The White Vault!

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