Audio Fiction Sunday 16th May 2021

Personal Highlights

Moonbase Theta, Out: Season 3, Episode 12 – Go, Cat, Go. (Note: I play Reception Bot in season 3 of Moonbase Theta, Out.) Oh boy there are some big revelations in this season finale, as the web between the three locations featured in this season really closes in. There are some really emotional scenes with Alex, as the Freehold storyline reaches its climax; and there’s a long-awaited confrontation between Wilder and Michell, which sows some potential seeds for season 4, with Michell and his sister on Base Gamma. It wouldn’t be an MTO season finale without a big emotional moment with Roger, which comes courtesy of a discovery Michell has made; and it wouldn’t be the end of a season without some poetry from him, either. The season ends on a huge cliffhanger, and we’ll have to wait until season 4 to have an answer to that question. I really liked how the end of the episode – and season – was a contrast to the show’s first season, and how it shows that Roger has much more support around him at the end of this season compared to the beginning. Things are far from perfect, but he’s definitely not alone anymore.

The Amelia Project: Episode 35 – Protein Bar. Well, who saw that coming?? Things keep getting more and more wild for Team Amelia, with the return of a face from the past that I’d never expect we’d see this season. I loved this ridiculous return from nowhere, and it provided something of a comedic interlude from the seriousness and scheming of this season’s storyline. An additional complication is added to the revolution, and I’m looking forward to seeing what shenanigans will happen to resolve it.

Lost Terminal: 4.6 – Honestly, I had been thinking that this season had been going a little too well. I was waiting for something disastrous to strike, which is what happened in this episode. What a rollercoaster, to be given such hope and then to have it all taken away in the span of a few seconds. We’re then left to process it during the signal, waiting for Seth to continue telling us what happened. And that last line, that really got me!

Someone Dies In This Elevator: S1E2 – The Board Meeting. As an anxious person, I found this episode very relatable! The elevator in this episode is taking Jordan to a meeting, and her anxiety gets too much. I found the use of panning very effective at conveying the thoughts racing through her head. It’s a very touching episode, with most of it happening after the death, and it’s only at the end of the episode that we find out how that was possible.

Desperado: 15 – The Gift Of Rage. Wow, that was one heck of a season finale. There’s some very impressive sound design that really blew me away. There was a lot of story still to tell in order to wrap up this first season, and just when you think it’s all over, there’s a shocking discovery. I really liked how the ending set up a potential continuation of the story, and that it might take some time, but for now, our three gods have finished their recording.

Palimpsest: Episode 403 – Day Four. I was on edge through that entire last scene, waiting for something to happen up in the attic, but it turned out that I was only half right. Work is continuing on Hawthorn House, but the first part of the episode is dedicated to an unsettling dream Ash has just had, which left me very curious at what the significance of it could be. There was also a hint at a possibly mysterious event from Ash’s past a little later on in the episode, which also had me wondering how it could tie into this old house’s story, and the discoveries that keep being made there.

The Pasithea Powder: 16 – Bad Idea. I read the content warnings just in case, even though there was a warning for spoilers, and I was internally screaming before I even started on the episode. And yes, the actual events in the episode definitely lived up to the internal screaming. I also loved hearing more about Jane and Sophie’s past too, back when their lives were very different, though the conversation does take a turn. And, of course, as the title of this episode suggests, that has a lot of complications, and may not have been the best idea in the world. Also shout out to the wonderful sound effect notes in the script!

Second Star to the Left: Episode 6 – Fire and Water. In an emotional episode, the hardship of scout life is brought to light again, from both the danger Gwen’s in, and also from Bell’s past experiences. Initially, there’s so much left unsaid, about both of their pasts, as conversations get cut off, and topics avoided – but there is one heartbreaking discovery about Gwen and her past. As the episode progresses, Gwen finds out more about Bell’s time as a scout; and their suggestion of telling her a bedtime story is a lovely indication of how much their working relationship has evolved into a friendship. Gwen’s suspicions at the end of the episode reflect the ones I had at the beginning of the episode – what if there are some malicious acts behind the things that keep going wrong on the scouts’ planets?


Rogue Runners. In The Blood is described as ‘improv fanfiction’ by show creator Tau Zaman (CARAVAN); with the first volume of this much-anticipated actual play being based on the video game Hades. The show launched with the release of its first two episodes, and well as an introductory session 0. The intro episode is a fun and chilled introduction to the show, introducing players and their characters, and explaining how the video game Hades has been adapted into a D&D module. Episode one builds up to the player characters’ mission – to escape the House of Hades, and win another chance at life.


Tin Can Audio released a trailer for the second season of The Tower, due to be released in September. There’s an eerie and echoey phone ring, but no answer.

StarTripper!! is back, and I literally squeed when I saw the trailer pop up in my podcatcher! Feston is trying to record a trailer for the podcast, but it doesn’t go smoothly. Season two is due to launch on July 17th.


Passenger List launched its second season, with the release of two episodes. The story continues, with a new perspective onto the investigation into what happened to flight 702.

VOID returned for its third season, with the ragtag crew travelling in their spaceship. Their first destination is the moon, and there’s a grim discovery as to what their mission is when they get there.

Casting Calls

The Phenomenon are casting for some roles for their upcoming fourth season.

The Goblet Wire is a new micro-fiction podcast, due to be launched this summer, and a carrd has been created with all the details for auditioning. (Paid)

Keep it Steady is an upcoming podcast from the Procyon Podcast Network, and is casting for nine paid roles.


It’s the last few days of Observer Picturescrowdfunding campaign for their new sci-fi show Apollyon. Episode one was released last month, and is set in a world which has been decimated by a pandemic.

Other News

Rusty Quill announced the launch of Rusty Quill Podcast Network, and the first batch of shows which have joined the network.

Omen, a new fantasy podcast, announced a launch date of June 6th.

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